Requirement to display liquor licence

Licence document

Once your application for a liquor licence is approved you will be issued with a document containing the following information:

  • premises name and number
  • licensee name
  • address of the premises
  • licensed area description
  • permitted trading hours
  • trading conditions.

You must keep this licence document on the licensed premises and - if requested - make it available to any Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) compliance officer or police officer who inspects your premises. If your licence document is destroyed or misplaced, you must apply for a replacement licence and pay the relevant fee.

Details to be displayed on licensed premises

Every licensee under the Liquor Act 1992 must display the following details on a conspicuous part of the premises in letters at least 15mm high:

  • name of licensee
  • name of premises
  • nature of the business
  • permitted trading hours (including extended trading hours).

Read Guideline 14: Particulars to be displayed on licensed premises for more information.

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1300 072 322

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