BYO alcohol: restaurants and cafes

'Bring your own' (BYO) alcohol is a popular choice for unlicensed restaurants and cafés. If you are a restauranteur, or staff, you should know your obligations and licensing requirements for BYO alcohol.

Applying for a BYO licence or permit

OLGR does not provide approvals for BYO alcohol at restaurants and cafés.

However, some local governments may need notification of BYO and may endorse this on your food licence. Please contact your venue's local government office to find out their requirements.

If you wish to sell alcohol as well as allowing BYO alcohol, you need a subsidiary on-premises licence.

Refusing BYO at your premises

You and your staff can refuse BYO at your restaurant or café; it is your right to do so.

Customers should not BYO to your restaurant if you do not give them consent.

There is no offence for customers bringing BYO to a restaurant, provided they are at least 18 years old. However, for some types of licensed premises, including nightclubs and certain public events, it is an offence for a patron to bring alcohol onto, or away from, the premises. Police and OLGR officers can issue an on-the-spot fine of $400 to any person who illegally takes alcohol onto a licensed premises. The maximum penalty if prosecuted in court is $3,336. Read more about fines and penalties.

BYO signage

You can download and print signs about BYO to display in your restaurant, including:

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