Advertising liquor licence applications

Once your liquor licence application forms have been successfully lodged, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) may request you to place signage outside the premises for 28 days.

This advertising is to notify the local community about your application for licensed premises.

Advertising is to be done at your expense and consists of displaying a sign on each street frontage of the premises.

The application will also be advertised on the public register.

If your application is advertised and community comments, representations, submissions or objections are received – including from local government, police or the Minister – the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming must publish their decision on the application online, detailing the following:

  • the nature of the application
  • the location of the premises to which the application relates
  • the day the decision was made
  • whether the decision was to approve or refuse the application
  • a summary of the reasons for the decision.

When advertising is required

You must advertise the following application types:

  • a licence or variation of a licence
  • a detached bottle shop
  • approved extended trading hours
  • an adult entertainment permit.

When advertising is not required

In some cases the requirement to advertise may be waived because of any of the following:

  • the remote location of the premises
  • advertising that has already taken place for another purpose that substantially complies with the requirements
  • other special circumstances.

Format of advertising

The advertisement notifies the public of the type of application and how to object to the application. OLGR will advise the applicant of the wording, size and timing of the advertising.

Read Guideline 9: Advertising (display of notice) for more information.

Objections to liquor licence applications

The objections process is designed so the public, police and council can have their say on liquor licence applications that may impact the local area and affect the lives of people living around the premises.

Read more about public objections to liquor licence applications.

Local councils can use the Preparing comments on liquor licence applications: A guide for local governments when making comment on licence applications under the Liquor Act 1992. Comments provided by council assist the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming in making an informed decision on applications.

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