Starting a wine business

Growing wine grapes and establishing a winery involves a significant financial and personal commitment. The most productive and successful vineyards are those that have been well planned. If you are considering starting a wine business you should look closely at the business risks involved.

Before you start a wine business

If you are considering starting a wine business in Queensland, we recommend that you do extensive research on wine grape growing and prepare a thorough business plan before buying land or planting vines.

Ideally, you should also have a contract with a winery before you begin planting.

Wine industry associations can provide support and advice about starting a wine business.

Wine grape varieties in Queensland

A wide range of wine grape varieties can be grown in Queensland; however, some do better than others in different locations.

Choosing appropriate varieties and rootstocks for a particular growing region can be complex. In particular, you should do market research to make sure there will be a market for the varieties you have chosen.

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