Food and beverage industry support, resources and research

The Queensland Government supports the food and beverage industry through business assistance programs, research, and commercialisation opportunities.

Government support for the Queensland food and beverage industry helps to attract investment and create new jobs.

Business support services

A number of food innovation grants and support services are available to help businesses and researchers commercialise their products and sell them in the food and beverage market.

Visit the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) for information on government services and programs designed to help you start a business. You can also learn more about exporting your products through our trade seminars and workshops.

A range of specific food industry development programs provide support for food and beverage businesses.


Queensland research is helping to produce food crops that are more resistant to pests and weather, and have greater yields. Research helps to develop new foods with increased health benefits, and improves food manufacturing processes.

Key research infrastructure for the food and beverage industry includes the Health and Food Sciences Precinct at Coopers Plains and the Ecosciences Precinct at Boggo Road.

The Innovative Food Technologies group supports the Australian food industry by helping companies and farmers develop new and improved foods for local and overseas retail markets.

Learn more about scientific research in Queensland.

Industry associations

Many industry associations can help you with your food and beverage business. These associations cover diverse areas of the industry and can provide information and support specific to your industry sector.

Find out which food and beverage industry associations in Queensland and throughout Australia can help you.

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Small business hotline: 1300 654 687

General enquiries: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)