Landing place and transport vessel codes for giving pre-trip, emergency and transhipment notices

Landing place codes

Registered landing places where catches are commonly landed have been assigned codes, which are required for reporting pre-trip, emergency and transhipment notices. These codes can streamline your reporting requirements, instead of manually entering the latitude and longitude for a landing place every time you report a notice.

Landing place definitions

If you are taking fish using a boat but not a beach seine net, the landing place is where the boat will be landed at the end of the fishing operation.

If you are taking fish using a boat and a beach seine net, the landing place is the beach or foreshore where the boat will be used to carry out fishing.

If you are taking fish without using a boat, the landing place is the place where the fish will be landed at the end of the fishing operation.

Search for a landing code

To search for an existing landing code in the table below, you can either:

  • enter the locality you operate in or a keyword from the name of a landing place into the search field
  • use the 'Next' button to search through the list manually.

The latitude and longitude are also provided for each landing place.

Note: If the details of a landing place listed in the table below are incomplete or incorrect (especially the latitude and longitude), phone 13 25 23.

Code LocalityIdentifying nameLatitudeLongitude
1Port DouglasCape Bedford15 13.46S145 19.11E
2Port DouglasFishermen's Wharf Cooktown15 27.57S145 14.99E
3Port DouglasPublic Wharf Cooktown 15 27.57S145 14.99E
4Port DouglasCooks Landing Marina15 27.61S145 45.97E
5Port DouglasAyton Boat Ramp15 56.00S145 24.90E
6Port DouglasCow Bay Beach16 14.01S145 28.32E
7Port DouglasAnnan River Public Boat Ramp15 31.16S145 13.23E
10KarumbaRaptis & Sons Karumba17 48.69S140 83.57E
11KarumbaTopsy Creek Boat Ramp15 29.14S141 30.02E
19Port DouglasMarina Mirage Port Douglas16 29.10S145 27.64E
20Port DouglasFish Buyer on the Inlet Port Douglas16 28.97S145 27.59E
21Port DouglasFishermen's Enterprise Port Douglas16 29.02S145 27.59E
22Port DouglasPublic Wharf Port Douglas16 28.87S145 27.62E
24Port DouglasMorano Lease Port Douglas16 29.51S145 27.61E
25Port DouglasRocky Point Boat Ramp, Dayman Point16 23.06S145 24.57E
26Port DouglasDaintree River Boat Ramp16 15.39S145 28.45E
27Port DouglasCooya Beach Boat Ramp16 26.57S145 24.27E
28Port DouglasStarcke River ramp14 47.34S145 1.110E
33Thursday IslandHorn Island, Seaswift Wharf10 35.43S142 14.75E
34Thursday IslandMain wharf Thursday Island10 35.20S142 13.30E
35Port DouglasFlinders Group14 10.45S144 13.76E
36Port DouglasCape Flattery14 56.81S145 19.67E
37CairnsPalm Cove Jetty16 44.38S145 40.29E
38CairnsYorkey's Knob Marina16 48.08S145 43.08E
39CairnsTomatis Creek Boat Ramp16 49.81S145 43.97E
40CairnsMachans Beach Boat Ramp 16 51.60S145 44.72E
41CairnsBarron River Ramp16 52.20S145 44.19E
42CairnsTrawler Base 1 Cairns16 56.41S145 46.68E
43CairnsTrawler Base 2 Cairns16 56.95S145 46.35E
44CairnsMain Wharf Cairns16 55.77S145 46.79E
45CairnsFernley St Ramp16 56.48S145 46.52E
46CairnsTingara St Ramp16 57.15S145 46.37E
47CairnsRedbank Creek Ramp16 57.08S145 46.32E
48CairnsMasons Wharf16 56.64S145 46.43E
49CairnsBark Hut16 57.56S145 47.79E
50Port DouglasPortland Road12 34.80S143 24.00E
51Port DouglasMarina Plains Boat Ramp14 31.18S143 53.07E
52Port DouglasPinnacle Village beach ramp16 19.50S145 25.22E
53Port DouglasNewell Beach boat ramp16 26.02S145 24.15E
54Port DouglasWong Beach ramp16 20.42S145 24.56E
55Port DouglasSaltwater Creek ramp16 24.42S145 24.28E
56Port DouglasAndreasson Rd landing16 32.77S145 28.80E
57Port DouglasThornton’s Beach16 10.36S145 26.52E
58Port DouglasCoopers Creek landing16 08.66S145 26.88E
59Port DouglasYule Point16 34.45S145 30.77E
60CairnsDeeral Boat Ramp17 13.03S145 55.23E
61CairnsDeeral Wharf17 13.11S145 55.44E
62CairnsBellender Ker Ramp17 16.34S145 56.92E
63CairnsJoyce Creek Ramp17 21.69S146 02.07E
70CairnsInnisfail Ramp and Wharf 117 31.46S146 01.97E
71CairnsInnisfail Ramp and Wharf 217 31.41S146 01.95E
72CairnsInnisfail Ramp and Wharf 3 Fish Depot 17 31.28S146 01.90E
74CairnsJodrell Street Pontoon (Innisfail)17 31.49S146 02.38E
75CairnsPretty Beach 16 60.78S145 53.12E
80CairnsCairns Airport16 52.79S145 44.94E
81CairnsMareeba Airport17 04.35S145 25.76E
90CairnsFlying Fish Point Ramp17 30.27S146 04.57E
91CairnsCoconuts Ramp Flying Fish Point17 30.44S146 03.75E
92CairnsMourilyan Wharf17 35.96S146 07.38E
93CairnsCowley Beach Boat Ramp17 41.79S146 06.73E
94CairnsKurrimine Boat Ramp 117 46.54S146 06.56E
95CairnsMaria Creek Boat Ramp (Kurrimine Beach)17 47.01S146 05.49E
96CairnsMourilyan Harbour Boat Ramp17 35 98S 146 07 23E
97CairnsBeach Ramp near Christies fish shop (Kurrimine Beach)17 46.77S146 06.34E
98CairnsTrinity Park Boat Ramp16 79.67S145 71.42E
99CairnsReed Rd Ramp, Bluewater Harbour16 48.12S145 42.41E
100CairnsEdmonton Boat Ramp16.59.58S145.45.52E
101CairnsKingdon Fisheries Wharf16 56.72S145 46.43E
106InghamBingil Bay Wharf (North Mission Beach)17 51.86S146 06.08E
107InghamClump Point Ramp (North Mission Beach)17 51.12S146 06.96E
108InghamSouth Mission Beach Ramp17 56.87S146 05.49E
109InghamHull Heads Ramp and Wharf17 59.38S146 03.95E
110InghamCardwell Ramp18 15.41S146 01.25E
111InghamCardwell Jetty18 15.73S146 01.50E
112InghamMeunga Creek Ramp18 13.96S146 00.86E
113InghamPort Hinchinbrook 18 16.77S146 02.67E
114InghamLucinda service jetty18 31.38S146 19.05E
115InghamCarmoo Boat Ramp (Mission Beach)17 57.50S146 03.64E
116InghamJacky Jacky Boat Ramp (South Mission Beach)17 56.96S146 04.99E
117InghamTully Heads Ramp18 01.12S146 03.10E
118InghamBluff Road Boat Ramp, Murray River18 06.54S145 57.88E
120InghamDungeness Commercial Wharf18 31.52S146 19.10E
121InghamDungeness floating pontoon18 31.81S146 19.76E
122InghamDungeness boat ramp18 31.88S146 19.52E
123InghamTaylor's Beach Boat Ramp18 37.48S146 19.04E
135InghamGreat Palm Island Jetty18 44.12S146 34.55E
136InghamBedford Landing18 04.25S 145 59.64E
137InghamGirgentis Rd - Seymour River18 33.97S146 13.33E
138InghamCassidy Creek 18 43.50S146 17.23E
139InghamGentle Annie Creek 18 33.34S146 18.18E
140InghamMona Boat Ramp18 33.05S146 17.02E
141InghamFisher’s Creek Boat Ramp18 27.27S146 09.02E
144InghamPalm Creek Landing18 48.12S146 16.29E
145InghamOrient Creek18 45.09S146 15.33E
147TownsvilleTownsville Boating Precinct19.16.20S146.49.57E
148 TownsvilleBluewater Creek, Saunders Beach19 09.41S146.35.94E
149TownsvilleBreakwater Marina Townsville19 15.20S146 49.40E
150TownsvilleRoss River Marina Townsville19 16.50S146 49.74E
151TownsvilleHarbour Side Cold Stores Townsville19 16.09S146 50.01E
152TownsvillePort Authority Wharf Townsville19 16.42S146 49.91E
153TownsvilleRoss Haven Marine Townsville19 16.46S146 49.85E
154TownsvilleAll Rig Wharf Townsville19 16.37S146 49.93E
155TownsvilleHarbour Board Wharf Townsville19 15.50S146 49.32E
156TownsvilleNational Parks Boat Ramp19 16.83S146 49.54E
157TownsvilleBundy Creek Boat Ramp19 16.45S146 49.86E
158TownsvilleCoastguard Boat Ramp Townsville19 15.21S146 49.61E
159TownsvilleTownsville Harbour19 15.11S146 49.35E
160TownsvillePalleranda Boat Ramp19 11.84S146 46.46E
161TownsvilleRollingstone Creek Boat Ramp19 00.60S146 24.28E
162TownsvilleCrystal Creek Boat Ramp18 55.73S146 19.15E
163TownsvilleTownsville Motorboat & Yacht Club19 15.61S146 49.25E
164TownsvilleBarramundi Creek19 28.70S147 09.00E
165TownsvilleBowle Road, Boat Ramp 19 11.97S146 42.05E
166TownsvilleBarratta Creek Boat Ramp (Jerona)19 26.92S147 14.44E
167TownsvilleCromarty’s Boat Ramp (Giru)19 28.17S147 05.85E
168TownsvilleSaunders Creek Boat Ramp19 09.01S146 35.97E
169TownsvilleSecco’s Creek19.25.51S147 27.08E
178TownsvilleAlva Creek landing (Ayr)19 27.92S147 28.39E
179TownsvilleBurdekin River Hell Hole Boat Ramp (Ayr)19.37.32S147 33.94E
180TownsvilleOcean Creek Landing (Ayr)19 31.01S147 30.06E
181TownsvillePlantation Creek Boat Ramp (Ayr)19 32.17S147 30.79E
182TownsvilleAlva Beach (Ayr)19 43.54S147 47.45E
183TownsvillePhillips Landing Anabranch Road (Ayr)19 35.20S147 32.90E
184TownsvilleGroper Creek, Hinkson Esplanade (Ayr)19 41.51S147 31.91E
185TownsvilleWallace’s Landing, Peak Road (Ayr)19 44.16S147 33.38E
186TownsvilleDoughboy Boat Ramp, Cungulla19 24.40S147 06.59E
187TownsvillePrior’s Ramp, Burdekin River19 39.34S147 32.13E
188TownsvilleHorseshoe Bay Waterfront Boat Ramp19.07.02S146.51.37E
189TownsvilleRocky Ponds Boat Ramp19 49.03S147 39.57E
190Airlie BeachMolongle Creek Ramp (Bowen)19 50.00S147 42.00E
191Airlie BeachGray's Bay Ramp (Bowen)19 58.93S148 15.47E
192Airlie BeachArabon Seafoods Bowen20 00.91S148 15.29E
193Airlie BeachBowen Fisherman & Seafoods20 00.99S148 15.34E
194Airlie BeachPioneer Seafood’s Bowen20 01.03S148 15.42E
195Airlie BeachBowen Harbour Ramp20 01.03S148 15.27E
196Airlie BeachSunset Beach near Bowen20 06.71S148 26.71E
 197Airlie BeachGloucester Passage (Bowen)20 03.82S148 26.93E
198Airlie BeachMidge Point boat ramp20 37.57S148 43.37E
199Airlie BeachCape Gloucester Resort20 04.05S148 26.37E
200Airlie BeachYard Creek20 39.62S148 42.91E
208Airlie BeachMidge Point Beach20 38.98S148 43.38E
209Airlie BeachHayman Island Boat Ramp20 03.66S148 52.86E
210Airlie BeachPedro’s Landing20 16.02S148 44.10E
211Airlie BeachHamilton Island Marina20 20.84S148 56.95E
212Airlie BeachDay Dream Island20 15.27S148 48.90E
214Airlie BeachShute Harbour Boat Ramp20 17.60S148 47.12E
216Airlie Beach Port of Airlie20 16.23S148 43.47E
217Airlie BeachAbell Point Marina Boat Ramp20 15.98S148.42.74E
218Airlie BeachWilson Beach Boat Ramp20 28.41S148 43.52E
219Airlie BeachMuddy Bay Boat Ramp20 16.41S148 43.54E
220Airlie BeachLaguna Quays Jetty20 36.22S148 40.83E
221Airlie BeachDingo Beach Boat Ramp20 05.42S148 29.92E
222Airlie BeachWhisper Bay Boat Ramp20 16.25S148 42.23E
223Airlie BeachThompson Creek Boat Ramp20 32.82S148 40.01E
224Airlie BeachProserpine River Boat Ramp20 27.11S148 41.98E
227Airlie BeachBrisk Bay, Bowen20 06.31S148 17.49E
228Airlie BeachAdelaide Creek, Bowen20 08.46S148 19.90E
229Airlie BeachBillies Creek, Bowen20 11.81S148 24.79E
230Airlie BeachDon River Boat Ramp19 58.04S148 13.54E
237MackayWaverley Creek Boat Ramp22 22.47S149 34.55E
238MackayVictor Creek ramp20 53.77S148 56.03E
239MackaySeaforth Creek Boat ramp20 54.23S148 58.97E
241Mackay Pioneer River ramp & jetty21 08.48S149 11.40E
242MackayEimeo Creek (Bucasia)21 02.37S149 10.30E
243MackayMackay Marina21 06.25S149 13.54E
244MackayRiver St Jetty 21 08.49S149 11.74E
245MackayFreshwater Point (Beach Access)21 25.40S149 19.40E
246MackayHay Point Tug Harbour Boat Ramp21 17.62S149 17.18E
247MackaySarina Inlet Boat Ramp21 23.70S149 18.71E
248MackayArmstrong Beach Boat Ramp21 27.46S149 17.49E
249MackayHodges Park, Hodges Road, Shoal Point21 00.11S149 08.49E
250MackayGlendower Point21 29.79S149 23.62E
251MackayHidden Valley Boat Ramp20 55.45S149 02.34E
258MackayCape Beach21 38.05S149 26.37E
259MackayNotch Point Beach Landing21 42.65S149 28.02E
260Mackay Grasstree Beach Ramp21 22.40S149 18.21E
261MackayBund Creek Boat Ramp 22 22.48S149 34.55E
262MackayClairview Boat Ramp22 07.18S149 32.17E
263MackayRocky Dam Creek Boat Ramp, Sarina21 32.91S149 18.01E
264MackaySt Lawrence Creek Ramp22 20.52S149 31.44E
265MackayCharon Point National Park22 23.06S149 48.38E
266Mackay Camilla Creek Ramp 21 54.61S149 27.75E
267MackayCape Palmerston Camp Creek 21 33.26S149 27.43E
268MackayGreen Hill Beach Boat Ramp21 40.65S149 27.15E
700MackaySt Helens Beach Boat Ramp20 49.63S148 50.14E
701MackayMurray Creek Boat Ramp20 54.35S148 50.42E
702MackayCape Hillsborough Beach 20 55.42S149 02.91E
703MackayLanding Creek Boat Ramp20 57.25S149 00.84E
704MackayConstant Creek Boat Ramp21 00.59S148 59.86E
705MackayMcCreadys Creek Boat Ramp21 04.45S149 11.60E
706MackayDunrock Boat Ramp Sandy Creek21 16.38S149 11.03E
707MackayWest Hill Beach Landing21 49.89S149 27.30E
708MackayWest Hill Creek Upstream Boat Ramp21 49.79S149 25.45E
709MackayCampwin Beach Ramp21 22.46S149 18.75E
710MackayGreenhill Creek21 41.18S149 26.59E
269Yeppoon Stanage Bay ramp22 08.44S150 01.81E
270YeppoonHawk's Jetty Yeppoon23 08.19S150 45.01E
271YeppoonVanderheiden's Jetty Yeppoon23 08.19S150 44.98E
272YeppoonHealy's Jetty Yeppoon23 08.19S150 44.95E
273YeppoonSchulz's Jetty Yeppoon23 08.20S150 45.02E
274YeppoonFig Tree Creek Ramp23 08.22S150 45.01E
275YeppoonSvendsen's Jetty Yeppoon23 08.26S150 45.10E
276YeppoonDellow's Jetty Yeppoon23 08.30S150 45.12E
277YeppoonSvendsen's Beach (Great Keppel Island)23 09 62S150 57.53E
278YeppoonRosslyn Bay Fish Market23 09.68S150 47.40E
279YeppoonMandarin Trawlers Yeppoon23 09.71S150 47.40E
280YeppoonRosslyn Bay Ramp No. 123 09.84S150 47.33E
281YeppoonRosslyn Bay Ramp No. 223 09.84S150 47.28E
282YeppoonFishermen's Beach (Great Keppel Island)23 10 94S150 56.14E
283YeppoonInslay's Jetty23 08 20S150 44 87E
284YeppoonKeppel Bay Marina (first arm)23 09.57S150 47.18E
285Yeppoon Cooroomans Creek Boat Ramp23 17.58S150 46.08E
287YeppoonKelly’s Landing, Corio Bay22 54.86S150 43.92E
300YeppoonEmu Park Boat Ramp23 15.29S150 49.71E
301YeppoonBoat Ramp Keppel Sands23 19.60S150 47.58E
302YeppoonJoskeleigh Beach23 21.40S150 47.40E
303YeppoonCorbett’s Landing Boat Ramp-Water Park Creek22 53.15S150.43.18E
304YeppoonNorthside boat ramp, Fitzroy River23 22.82S150.31.23E
305YeppoonFitzroy Motor Boat Club22 23.04S150 31.19E
313GladstoneForeshore Boat Ramp24 02.44S151 29.49E
314GladstoneOtto’s Landing24 07.78S151 33.83E
315Yeppoon South Rockhampton Boat Ramp23 23.05S150 31.14E
316YeppoonMoran Boat Ramp, Thompson Point23 30.10S150 46.12E
317YeppoonThompson Point Boat Ramp (Rockhampton)23 28.46S150 44.42E
318Yeppoon Nerimbera Boat Ramp (Rockhampton)23 25.67S150 35.84E
319YeppoonPort Alma Boat Ramp (Rockhampton)23 35.13S150 51.71E
320GladstoneCommercial Floating Pontoon Gladstone23 49.92S151 14.45E
322GladstoneUrangan Fisheries Wharf Gladstone23 49.86S151 14.41E
323GladstoneTrawler Wharf Gladstone23 49.80S151 14.48E
324GladstoneProcessor Boat Ramp Gladstone23 49.83S151 14.41E
325GladstonePilot Wharf Gladstone23 50.33S151 15.04E
326GladstoneGladstone Fish Market23 50.34S151 14.97E
327GladstoneSouth Trees Boat Ramp23 56.83S151 17.19E
328BundabergRound Hill Creek Ramp (Town of 1770)24 10.34S151 52.95E
329GladstoneBray Park Boat Ramp25 56.52S151 21.22E
331GladstonePancake Creek Boat Ramp24 05 89S151 43 05E
332GladstoneHancock Street Turkey Beach24 04.48S 151 39.17E
333GladstoneCalliope River Boat Ramp23 50.80S151 12.78E
334GladstonePhillipie’s Landing23 44.42S151 07.41E
335GladstoneRamsay’s Crossing23 38.30S151 04.09E
336GladstoneCawarral Creek Boat Ramp23 17.97S150 46.14E
338GladstoneGladstone VMR Ramp23 49.72S151 14.40E
339GladstoneBenaraby Bridge, Boyne River24 00.99S151 20.24E
340GladstoneHummock Hill Causeway24 02.27S151 29.33E
341GladstoneForeshores24 05.51S151 29.07E
342GladstoneMorgan Street Boat Ramp23 50.20S151 14.55E
343GladstoneGladstone Yacht Club23 50.19S151 15.07E
344GladstoneSeven Mile Creek24 07.48S151 33.49E
345YeppoonFishing Creek Road Boat Ramp23 00.34S150 45.23E
346BundabergDeepwater Creek Mud Boat Ramp24 23.08S151 57.96E
347BundabergRiverview Dirt Ramp24 55.92S152 28.22E
348BundabergBischoff’s Road Landing24 27.62S151 51.69E
349BundabergWalkers Crossing Landing24 33.48S151 54.25E
350BundabergWinfield Boat Ramp Bundaberg24 31.92S152 01.63E
351BundabergBurnett Heads ramp24 45.52S152 24.07E
352BundabergBurnett Heads wharf24 45.53S152 24.08E
353BundabergBurnett Heads marina wharf24 45.58S152 24.06E
354BundabergOceaneer Marine Bundaberg24 45.77S152 23.12E
355BundabergOcean Pacific wharf Bundaberg24 45.74S152 23.17E
356BundabergBargara Beach Boat Ramp24 48.91S152 27.92E
357BundabergCold Stores Wharf Bundaberg24 51.53S152 21.78E
358BundabergFishmac Wharf Bundaberg24 51.76S152 21.51E
359BundabergMidtown Marina Wharf Bundaberg24 51.80S152 21.15E
360BundabergUnloading Pontoon Bundaberg24 51.53S152 21.78E
361BundabergRiverview Boat Ramp Bundaberg24 55.77S152 28.47E
 362BundabergBurnett Head Fish Mac24 45.84S152 23.07E
363BundabergMiara Boat Ramp24 19.20S152 06.60E
364BundabergCoral Coast Mariculture / Australian Fisheries24 45.78S152 23.04E
365BundabergAvondale Boat Ramp (Dead Horse) Bundaberg24.42.15S152 10.42E
366BundabergLions Park Boat Ramp24 51.76S152 20.73E
367BundabergOcean Fisheries Worldwide24 51.70S152 21.52E
368BundabergFairymead Boat Ramp24 48.33S152 21.47E
370BundabergBooyan Public Boat Ramp24 42.32S152 11.33E
371Hervey BayPowerhouse Road Boat Ramp25 19.35S152 34.88E
372BundabergWalker’s Point Boat Ramp (Burrum River)25 10.29S152 35.32E
373BundabergFerry Road Boat Ramp (West bank)24 30.48S151 55.58E
374BundabergKalkie Boat Ramp24 49.76S152 22.39E
375BundabergFerry Crossing East Side (Baffle Creek)24 30.45S151 55.69E
376BundabergColonial Cove Boat Ramp (Baffle Creek)24 31.01S152 00.83E
377BundabergFlatrock Landing (Baffle Creek)24 30.69S152 01.30E
379Hervey BayInskip Point25 48.53S153 02.84E
380Hervey BayWaddy Point Fraser Island24 57.96S153 19.98E
381NoosaBullock Point (Rainbow Beach)25 49.64S153 03.25E
383YeppoonPublic Dock Quay Street Rockhampton23 22.48S150 31.01
386BundabergPublic Boat Ramp, Theodolite Creek Woodgate25 04.51S152 32.66E
387GladstoneBroadacres Boat Ramp23.59.388S151.23.582E
388BundabergTaunton Road Boat Ramp24.26.127S151.50.612E
389BundabergAccess Gate at Coonarr Beach24.57.5508S152.29.148E
390Hervey BayUp Stream Ramp Burrum Heads25 11.03S152 36.42E
391Hervey BayDown Stream Ramp Burrum Heads25 11.01S152 36.59E
392Hervey BayMaaroom boat ramp23 36.77S152 52.53E
393Hervey BayDavies Road Boat Ramp25 40.544S152 54.11E
394Hervey BayBeelbi Creek boat ramp25 14.84S152 39.95E
395BundabergStrathdees Road Boat Ramp24 48.84S152 23.01E
396BundabergMiddle Creek Campground boat ramp24 07.58S151 46.98S
397Hervey BayPleasant View Road Boat Ramp25 32.99S152 37.67E
398Hervey BayGranville Boat Ramp25 32.41S152 42.69E
399Hervey BayPoint Vernon Boat Ramp25 14.82S152 48.81E
400Hervey BayBuccaneers Chandlery Urangan25 17.62S152.54.57E
402Hervey BayBoat Harbour Fisheries Wharf Urangan25 17.49S152 54.38E
403Hervey BayM and M Fisheries Wharf Urangan25 17.77S152 54.66E
404Hervey BayPublic Boat Ramp Urangan25 17.47S152 54.31E
405Hervey BayHervey Bay Boat Club Marina25 17.73S152 54.60E
406Hervey BayOcean King Prawn Wharf, Urangan Harbour25 17.76S152 54.67E
408Hervey BayNielsen’s Wharf (Maryborough)25 33.26S152 37.63E
409NoosaTinnanbar Boat Ramp25 45.46S152 57.34E
410Hervey BaySouth Esplanade Boat Ramp, River Heads25 25.82S152 55.40E
411Hervey BayBeaver Rock Boat Ramp25 30.07S152 50.15E
412Hervey BayLamington Bridge Boat Ramp (Maryborough)25 32.66S152 41.29E
414Hervey BayBig Tuan, Tuan Road Tuan25 41.14S152 52.68E
415NoosaCarlo Point - Rainbow Beach Boat Ramp25 53.51S153 03.28E
416NoosaFisherman's Marina, Tin Can Bay25 54.34S153 15.35E
417NoosaLee Fisheries Wharf, Tin Can Bay25 54.20S153 00.72E
418NoosaPublic Jetty, Tin Can Bay25 54.36S153 00.52E
419NoosaFuel Jetty, Tin Can Bay25 54.40S153 00.43E
420NoosaTin Can Bay Fishermans Company25 54.34E153 00.49E
421NoosaLake Weyba Drive Boat Ramp26 25.13S153 04.34E
422Hervey BayKalah Creek25 34.06S152°51'00E
424Hervey BayMain Beach Access Ramp, Palm Beach, Kinkuna National Park25.0.5436S152.30.3012E
425Hervey BayWoodgate Beach, South Beach Access Ramp25.12651S152.58649E
426Hervey BayBuxton public boat ramp25 11.73S152 32.49E
427Hervey BayWoodgate Beach Esplanade public boat ramp25 05.51S152 33.25E
428Hervey BayFisherman’s Wharf Marina25°17.87S152°54.45E
429NoosaCrab Creek Boat Ramp25.55.771S153.00.843E
430NoosaBeach Landing, Double Island Point25 55.92S153 10.94E
431NoosaBullock Point Boat Ramp25 49.64S153 03.26E
432BundabergBundaberg Port Marina24 45 41S152 23 09E
433PinkenbaThe Yard Doboy Creek27 25.80S153 07.81E
434NoosaBoreen Point Boat Ramp26 16.96S152 59.78E
435NoosaHarpers Jetty & Ramp Noosa26 23 08S153 03 08E
436NoosaMassouds Jetty Noosa26 23 10S153 03 09E
437Noosa2nd Jetty up from Pelican Boat Hire26 23.80S153 03.60E
 438NoosaTewantin Boat Ramp26 23.59S153 02.49E
439NoosaMorrindal St Ferry, Tewantin26 22.85S153 02.16E
440NoosaDunella Bridge Harbour Town, Tewantin26 23.74S153 02.57E
441NoosaFishing offshore Jetty, Noosaville26 23.80S153 03.65E
442NoosaThomas Street Boat Ramp26 23.88S153 03.74E
443NoosaWyuna Drive, Noosaville26.23.83S153.04.71E
445Hervey BayNorth Point boat ramp, Boonooroo25 39.75S152 54.21E
447MooloolabaShort St Boat Ramp, Golden Beach26 48.42S153 07.47E
448MooloolabaChurchill St Boat Ramp, Golden Beach26 49.84S153 07.19E
450MooloolabaKawana Boat Ramp26 41.34S153 08.01E
452MooloolabaMooloolah River Fisheries26 41.11S153 07.99E
453MooloolabaDe Brett’s Mooloolaba26 41.13S153 07.92E
454MooloolabaMooloolaba Ramp26 41.16S153 07.61E
455MooloolabaPoint Cartwright Ramp26 40.89S153 08.18E
456MooloolabaPrime Fish Australia Jetty26 41.13S153 07.88E
458MooloolabaLawrie’s Marina26 41 94S153 07 68E
459MooloolabaMooring C27 Mooloolaba Yacht Club26 41.17S153 07.74E
462MooloolabaBrowns Slipway26 41.13S153 07.92E
465MooloolabaStumers Creek Road, Coolum Beach26 31.1S153 05.55E
466MooloolabaWharf Marina26 41.01S153 07.26E
469MooloolabaCrabpak/Ceas26 41.11S153 07.93E
470MooloolabaCoast Guard Ramp (Maloja jetty)26 48.38S153 07.54E
472MooloolabaMcKenzie’s Bridge Boat Ramp26 41.77S153 07.02E
473MooloolabaLeach Park Boat Ramp26 48.41S153 07.47E
474MooloolabaBerth 12 Mooloolaba Harbour26 41.21S153 07.64E
475PinkenbaSinbad Street, Cabbage Tree Creek Boat Ramp (Shorncliffe)27 20.05S153 04.88E
477PinkenbaSpinnaker Sound Boat Ramp (Sandstone Point)27 04.10S 153 08.02E
478PinkenbaFreeman Rd/Esplanade Rd Boat Ramp (Toorbul Boat Ramp)27 01.83S153 05.82E
479PinkenbaBeachmere Boat Ramp27 08.76S153 02.18E
480PinkenbaMorgan’s Seafood, Scarborough27 11.65S153 06.47E
482PinkenbaSylvan Beach Boat Ramp (Bribie Island)27 03.89S153 08.61E
483PinkenbaCoast Guard Ramp, Scarborough27 11.63S153 06.29E
484PinkenbaNudgee Road Boat Ramp27 21.76S153 06.17E
485PinkenbaPinkenba Boat Ramp27 25.05S153 08.38E
486PinkenbaBoat Passage, Whyte Island27 24.06S153 09.98E
487PinkenbaManly Boat Harbour27 27.61S153 11.38E
488PinkenbaWynnum Creek Boat Ramp27 26.14S153 10.45E
490RedlandsAmity Boat Ramp, Stradbroke Island27 24.39S153 26.79E
491RedlandsCylinder Beach, Stradbroke Island27 24.93S153 32.02E
492RedlandsHome Beach, Stradbroke Island27 25.86S153 31.52E
493RedlandsFlinders Beach, Stradbroke Island27 25.26S153 31.15E
494RedlandsOne Mile boat ramp, Yabby St, Dunwich27 30.21S153 24.08E
495RedlandsWellington Point Boat Ramp27 27.98S153 14.54E
496RedlandsRaby Bay Boat Ramp27 18.00S153 10.20E
497RedlandsWeinam Creek Boat Ramp27 22.20S153 10.80E
498RedlandsRussell Island - Caniapa Passage, Junction of Virginia Pde & Olme Drive27 37.44S153 23.44E
500RedlandsVictoria Point Boat Ramp South27 34.92S153 19.09E
501PinkenbaRaptis & Sons (Colmslie)27 26.98S153 05.35E
502PinkenbaTingalpa Boat Ramp27 28.71S153 11.87E
503PinkenbaBarungwarra Boat Ramp (Bald Hills)27 18.09S153 00.47E
504PinkenbaManly Boat Harbour (North)27 27.15S153 11.35E
505PinkenbaPelican Park, Clontarf27 15.56S153 05.20E
506RedlandsCarbrook boat ramp, Bayside Wakepark27 41.52S153 15.77E
507Gold CoastBroadwater Parklands Boat Ramp27 57.48S153 24.80E
508Gold CoastSalk Oval Outrigger Ramp28 08.15S153 28.40E
509Gold CoastMuriel Henchman Boat Ramp27 57.04S153 25.50E
510Gold CoastSand Boat Ramp Currumbin Creek28 08.00S153 28.76E
511Gold CoastSouthport Trawler Wharves27 57.90S153 25.60E
512Gold CoastGrand Hotel Jetty27 56.51S153 24.61E
513Gold CoastDry Dock Road Boat Ramp (Tweed Heads)28 13.06S153 29.31E
514Gold CoastFinger Wharf (Tweed River)28 10.00S153 32.00E
515Gold CoastTallebudgera Creek Ramp28 06.14S153 27.42E
516Gold CoastThrowers Bridge Boat Ramp (Currumbin)28 08.14S153 28.59E
517Gold CoastWaterways Drive Pontoon 28 50.40S153 25.20E
518Gold CoastFingal Head Boat Ramp28 11.93S153 33.82E
519Gold CoastKennedy Drive Boat Ramp (Tweed Heads)28 11.24S153 31.91E
520Gold CoastRunaway Bay Marina, Bayview Street27 53.99S153 24.07E
521Gold Coast Mariner’s Cove Gold Coast – D Arm27 58.18S153 25.44E
522PinkenbaSandstone Point, Spinnaker Sound Marina27 07.00S153 13.48E
525Gold CoastHorizon Shores Marina27 45.01S153 20.80E
526Gold CoastCabbage Tree Point Boat Ramp27 44.04S153 21.28E
527Gold CoastJacobs Well Boat Ramp27 46.47S153 22.01E
528Gold CoastHope Island27 52.16S153 22.35E
529RedlandsSkinners Road Boat Ramp, Carbrook27 40.87S153 13.61E
530PinkenbaBongaree Boat Ramp27 04.49S153 09.29E
531PinkenbaNewport Marina27 12.59S153 05.68E
532PinkenbaUhlmann Road Boat Ramp, Burpengary27 08.97S153 01.88E
533Gold CoastParadise Point Boat Harbour Ramp27 52.68S153 23.62E
534Gold CoastPaterson Road Ramp, Yatala27 45.31S153 11.88E
535Gold CoastRudy Maas Marina Boat Ramp27 45.00S153 21.02E
536PinkenbaRed Beach, Bribie Island27 05 59S153 10 27E
537RedlandsRiedel Road boat ramp, Logan River27 41.71S153 16.77E
538PinkenbaDeepwater Bend Boat Ramp, North Pine River27 17.95S153 02.11E
539RedlandsGeorge Nothling Drive, Point Lookout27 26.68S153 32.22E
540RedlandsAlfred Martin Way, causeway, Main Beach south27 31.40S153 30.10E
541RedlandsSovereign Road, Amity Point27 23.38S153 27.28E
542RedlandsDunwich boat ramp, Harold Walker Jetty27 30.19S153 24.05E
543PinkenbaScarborough public boat ramp27 11.55S153 06.59E
545RedlandsVictoria Point Boat Ramp North27 34.76S153 18.93E
546RedlandsEmmert Drive, Toondah Harbour27 31.75S153 17.05E
547RedlandsRussell Terrace, Macleay Island27 37.88S153 21.84E
548Gold CoastSundale Bridge (Southport)27 58.42S153 25.19E
549Gold CoastLoaders Creek Boat Ramp27 57.19S153 24.34E
550Gold CoastBiggera Creek Boat Ramp27 55.33S153 24.13E
551Gold CoastHoward Street, Runaway Bay27 5402S153 24.23E
552Gold CoastJasmine Avenue. Hollywell27 53.47S153 24.10E
553Gold CoastJabiru Island Park27 52.45S153 22.50E
554Gold CoastTurana Street, Coombabah27 53.21S153 22.60E
555Gold CoastTarni Street, Coombabah Creek27 53.42S153 22.28E
556Gold CoastBoykambil Esplanade, Hope Island27 52.23S153 22.41E
557Gold CoastCoomera River Highway Bridge M127 52.41S153 18.49E
558Gold CoastTallawood Road, Coomera27 50.49S153 21.36E
559Gold CoastDiamond Head Boat Ramp, Pimpama River27 49.17S153 22.44E
560Gold CoastAlberton Road, Alberton27 41.38S153 15.67E
561Gold CoastMarks Road, Logan River (Mark Road Boat Ramp)27 42.40S153 19.11E
563PinkenbaScarborough Harbour Timber Jetty27 11.61S153 06.55E
564PinkenbaKal Ma Kuta Drive boat ramp27 04.02S153 08.01E
565PinkenbaLeis Park Petrie Boat Ramp27 16.29S152 58.49E
566PinkenbaCorner of Priors Road and Bancroft Road Pinkenba27 24.08S153 07.53E
567PinkenbaBeaufort Place Deception Bay27 11.31S153 07.53E
568PinkenbaCaptain Cook Parade Deception Bay27 10.52S153 01.46E
569PinkenbaDohles Rock Road Boat Ramp27 16.39S153 02.29E
570PinkenbaOleary Ave Burpengary Creek27 09.05S153 00.39E
571PinkenbaAllpass Parade Shorncliffe Boat Ramp27 19.47S153 05.11E
572PinkenbaHemmant boat ramp27 26.37S153 07.59E
573RedlandsMacleay Island Jetty Ramp27 37.88S153 21.95E
575PinkenbaBaxters Jetty Shorncliffe27 19.46S153 05.13E
576PinkenbaTrawler Wharfs - Sinbad Street27 19.55S153 04.41E
577RedlandsMoore’s Road boat ramp27 37.17S153 18.41E
578RedlandsScenic Road boat ramp, Redland Bay27 40.09S153 18.95E
579RedlandsPoint Talburpin Boat ramp, Redland Bay27 38.36S153 18.89E
580PinkenbaRivergate Marina27 26.72S153.06.32E
583PinkenbaMargate Beach Public Boat Ramp27 14.53S153 06.39E
584PinkenbaQueens Beach Public Boat Ramp27 12.37S153 07.01E
585PinkenbaRedcliffe Surf Life Saving Club Boat Ramp27 13.60S153 07.02E
600KarumbaCarpentaria Fuels17 29.40S140 49.98E
601KarumbaWren Cold Stores17 29.34S140 49.98E
602KarumbaRaptis17 28.98S140 50.22E
603KarumbaKarumba Boat Ramp17 29.10S140 50.22E
604KarumbaKarumba Point Ramp17 27.96S140 49.74E
605KarumbaNormanton Boat Ramp17 39.78S140 5.160E
606KarumbaBurketown Boat Ramp17 44.64S139 33.00E
607KarumbaWallaby Island, Mitchell River (Kowanyama)15 13.26S141 37.98E
608WeipaRocky Point Boat Ramp12 37.14S141 52.62E
609WeipaAndoom Creek Bridge Ramp12 36.06S141 53.64E
610WeipaHumbug Wharf12 40.08S141 51.78E
611WeipaCullen Point Boat Ramp11 57.42S141 54.42E
612WeipaEvans Landing Wharf12 39.84S141 50.82E
613WeipaAurukun Barge Landing13 21.96S141 43.32E
614WeipaAurukun Boat Ramp13 21.96S141 43.32E
615WeipaWards Camp, Holroyd River (Kowanyama)14 11.34S141 36.69E
616WeipaJumbos Camp, Coleman River (Kowanyama)15 05.97S141 39.93E
617WeipaBarrs Yard, Coleman River (Kowanyama)15 05.98S141 41.76E
618WeipaChapman River Boat Ramp (Kowanyama)14 55.02S141 37.38E
619WeipaBoyds Point12 52.00S141 39.00E
620WeipaSeisia Ramp10.50.84S142 21.77E
623WeipaClough Landing12 13.16S141 53.77E
624WeipaNapranum Boat Ramp12 41.16S141 53.07E
625WeipaRed Beach – Old Mapoon12 00.93S141 54.06E
626WeipaThungul Boat Ramp12 02.46S141 55.04E
627WeipaEvan's Landing Boat Ramp12 39.51S141 50.59E
650MooloolabaDunethin Rock Ramp, Lake Dunethin Rd, Maroochydore 26 34.55S153 00.54E
651MooloolabaStoney Wharf Ramp, Bli Bli26 35.79S153 03.39E
652MooloolabaMuller Park Road Ramp, Bli Bli26 37.45S153 02.78E
653MooloolabaCod Hole Ramp, Bradman Avenue, Maroochydore26 38.52S153 03.69E
654MooloolabaFishermans Rd Ramp, Diddillibah 26 38.61S153 03.31E
655MooloolabaNojoor Rd Ramp, Twin Waters26 38.30S153 05.27E
951Gold CoastK1 Fishery Area27.55.47S153.25.85E
952Gold CoastK2 Fishery Area27.44.80S153.26.37E
953RedlandsK3 Fishery Area27.23.15S153.27.06E
954PinkenbaK4 Fishery Area27.01.07S153.27.24E
955MooloolabaK5 Fishery Area26.48.54S153.07.67E
956MooloolabaK6 Fishery Area26.40.73S153.08.60E
957NoosaK7 Fishery Area26.22.72S153.07.55E
958NoosaK8 Fishery Area27.24.21S153.11.16E
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Applying for a new landing code

If your preferred landing place does not have a landing code, you can apply for one by submitting a landing place code request form (PDF, 83KB).

To be considered a landing place, the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol (QBFP) must be able to undertake routine inspections in compliance with fisheries requirements.

Note: If QBFP are not able to access a landing place to undertake an inspection, the fisher would be considered non-compliant and penalties may apply.

Fisheries Queensland will review each application. If the proposed landing place meets the requirements, a landing place code will be generated.

Landing facility information

  • Landing facilities may carry restrictions for commercial fishing vessels under the Transport Infrastructure (Public Marine Facilities) Regulation 2011. Ensure you are familiar with this regulation before landing commercial fishing vessels in Queensland.
  • Contact the manager of the facility to see if approval is required before using the facility to unload product.

Transport vessel codes

Below is a list of registered transport company vessels that are used to transport catches from fishing vessels in the reef fish, Spanish mackerel, coral, trawl (T1) and tropical rock lobster fisheries. These transport vessels have been assigned codes, which are required for completing a transhipment notice.

If you use a transport vessel that is not listed here, or if the details of the vessel are incorrect, phone 13 25 23.

Code Name of boatRegistration Name of company
901 MV Kestral Bay 21098QB Sea Swift
904 MV Trinity Bay 856091 Sea Swift
909 LCT Biquele 861086 Sea Swift
911 Northern Bounty Unique ID 438451 Wren fishing
912 LCT Malu Trojan 857918 Sea Swift
913 LCT Fourcroy 856497 Sea Swift
914 MV Warrender 855251 Sea Swift
915 LCT Malu Titan 856463 Sea Swift
916 Hellem 452171 Seafresh Quota PTY LTD
918 Malu Chief 24982QB Sea Swift