Fishing and aquaculture

Key information to help you run your commercial fishing or aquaculture operations in Queensland and the Torres Strait.


Getting started in commercial fishing

Learn about commercial fishing in Queensland, including licences, types of fisheries, services offered by Fisheries Queensland.

Commercial fisheries profiles

Learn about Queensland's commercial fisheries, including management arrangements, licensing requirements and fishing gear.

Commercial and charter fishing licences and permits

How to apply for new or change licences, move fishery symbols and search the public register of fishing authorities.

Commercial and charter fishing fees and forms

Information about fishing fees and application forms for commercial and charter fisheries in Queensland.

Reporting requirements for commercial fishers

A guide to different reporting requirements for commercial fishers and seafood exporters, including commercial fishing logbooks and landing and vessel codes.

Vessel tracking

Find out why Fisheries Queensland uses vessel tracking of commercial fishing vessels and how it can assist your commercial fishing operations.

Investment and increased fishing effort warnings

Current investment and increased effort warnings issued by Fisheries Queensland.

Net-free fishing zones

Read about the net-free fishing zones in Queensland.


Essential information for starting and running an aquaculture business.

Commercial fishing and white spot disease

Learn about movement restriction information for commercial fishers, decontamination of fishing apparatus and vessels and white spot disease surveillance.

Aquatic animal health

Find out about your responsibility to protect aquatic wildlife under the Biosecurity Act.