Commercial and charter fishing

Reporting, authorities, licences, permits, management arrangements, alerts and other requirements for commercial and charter fishing operations.


Operating in commercial fishing industries

Advice, support and grants for starting and running a commercial and charter fishing business in Queensland.

Fisheries in Queensland

Crab, line, net, eel, harvest and trawl commercial fisheries.

Charter fishing

Licencing and operating requirements for charter fishing operators in Queensland.

Quota fisheries

Reporting requirements, quota symbols, trawl exceptions, and management of quota fisheries.


Commercial fisheries are legally required to report information about their fishing activities to Fisheries Queensland.

Monitoring and management

Vessel tracking units and quota management for commercial fisheries.

Maps and zones

Closed waters, regulated areas and fishing zones in Queensland waters.

Systems and apps

Data and reporting systems for commercial fishing.

Authorities, licences and permits

Forms, fees and requirements for commercial and charter fishing.