Trochus fishery

From 1 September 2021, there are new rules and reporting requirements for Queensland commercial fisheries.

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The fishery area consists of all tidal waters south of latitude 10°41'S, and east of longitude 142°31'49"E.

In practice, fishing rarely occurs south of Gladstone. Mackay is the main port for the fishery.

The fishery is designated by the fishery symbol J1.

Target species

The commercial trochus fishery is based on the collection of 1 species of trochus - Trochus niloticus.

Fishing gear

Harvesting of trochus occurs by hand with the aid of handheld non-mechanical implements, such as levers with a chisel point.

Commercial collectors use underwater breathing apparatus to give extended time under water and increased mobility for harvesting.

Other management arrangements

  • Compulsory catch reporting arrangements are in place for the trochus fishery.
  • The commercial trochus fishery has limited entry.
  • There is a total allowable commercial catch (TACC) of 250t.
  • Individual quotas exist for each of the current 6 licences.
  • Limits exist on the number of boats (1 primary boat and up to 4 other tender boats) with the licence-holder or nominee, and up to 10 divers operating under a licence at any one time.
  • Trochus have a minimum size limit of 8cm (across widest part of opening).
  • Trochus have a maximum size limit of 12.5cm (across widest part of opening).

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