Gulf of Carpentaria inshore fishery

Structural adjustment payments: Stage 1 extended

Eligible commercial licence holders affected by the phase-out of gillnets on the Great Barrier Reef or the Great Sandy Marine Park rezoning can now apply for structural adjustment payments.

Closing dates have been extended so commercial licence holders have more time to get independent advice and submit their applications.

Fishery symbols

Cancelled symbols

N1, N2, N4 and S symbols are no longer valid from 1 January 2024.

  • L4: Line fishery (Queensland Fisheries Joint Authority no. 1)
  • N3: Net fishery (Gulf of Carpentaria—no. 1)
  • N11: Net fishery (Gulf of Carpentaria—no. 11)
  • N12: Net fishery (Gulf of Carpentaria—offshore)
  • N13: Net fishery (Gulf of Carpentaria—offshore)


Operating areas

Quota or effort units

The fishery is managed through a competitive total allowable commercial catch (TACC) limit for black jewfish.

Once the TACC is reached, these become a no-take species for the remainder of the quota season.


To operate in the fishery, you need a:

Reporting and monitoring

Commercial fishers must:


Mesh nets are the main gear used. The nets are set in position where fish are likely to swim into them—in rivers, nearshore or offshore (depending on the location and target species).

Line fishing is another method of harvest in this fishery, primarily for Spanish mackerel and associated species.

Target species