Net-free fishing zones

Net-free zones are closed to all commercial mesh and seine netting in:

Activities prohibited

Commercial fishers cannot:

  • use commercial nets (including to collect bait for personal use) in the net-free zones
  • operate under any of these fishing symbols
    • N10: Net fishery (east coast—no. 4)
    • N11: Net fishery (no. 11)
    • K1: Net fishery (ocean beach area 1)
    • K2: Net fishery (ocean beach area 2)
    • K3: Net fishery (ocean beach area 3)
    • K4: Net fishery (ocean beach area 4)
    • K5: Net fishery (ocean beach area 5)
    • K6: Net fishery (ocean beach area 6)
    • K7: Net fishery (ocean beach area 7)
    • K8: Net fishery (ocean beach area 8).

Permitted activities

In areas permitted under legislation:

  • commercial fishers can go crabbing, line fishing, hand-harvesting and trawling in net-free zones
  • recreational fishers can use cast, seine and scoop nets in net-free zones (nets must be lawful and comply with length and mesh size restrictions).