Applying for a commercial operator's licence

Applying for a new licence in Queensland

Accredited operators can apply online for a new commercial operator's licence to use herbicides if you live in Queensland. Licences are issued for 1 or 3 years and operators select the period in the application process. Relevant statements of attainment will also need to be uploaded when applying for your new licence.

Renewal of existing licences

If your email address is recorded against your licence you will receive an automated notification 60 days before your licence expiry date. You can also renew your licence within the 60 day period using the online renewal form.

You will need your licence number to use the online renewal form. If you don't know your licence number you can search the chemical application licence register.

If your licence has expired, you cannot renew your licence and must apply for a new one.

Financial receipts for licences

When you apply using the online form, a receipt is automatically sent to your nominated email address. The receipt document contains your application details and the financial receipt.

Change of licence details

It is a requirement under the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966 that licensees notify the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) of any changes to your licence details within 21 days.

To update your licence details, use the change request form. If you are renewing your licence, the renewal form also provides for changes to details.

If you cannot apply online, contact our Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23.

Applying for a licence if transferring to Queensland from interstate

If you currently work or have previously worked interstate in the occupation of applying herbicides for commercial weed control and you intend to continue this occupation in Queensland you will need to obtain a Queensland commercial operator's licence.

Depending on your qualifications, there are a number of ways that you can apply for a Queensland licence.

Applying for a licence – full accreditation

Check to see if you hold statements of attainment from either a Queensland or interstate registered training organisation (RTO) for the competencies of:

  • AHCCHM307 – Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases
  • AHCCHM304 – Transport and store chemicals.

Applying for a licence – partial accreditation

If you partially hold the approved accreditation you should contact an RTO of your choice and undertake training to obtain the relevant competency. You then need to get copies of the statements of attainment and apply.

Applying for a licence – mutual recognition

If you have an interstate licence that allows you to apply herbicides for commercial weed control, you may be able to apply for a commercial operator's licence in Queensland under mutual recognition.

If you hold a current interstate weed control licence but do not hold the approved accreditation, or only partial accreditation, and you wish to apply for a Queensland commercial operator's licence under mutual recognition, you need to establish whether your current interstate licence is equivalent to a Queensland commercial operator's licence. You can check this by using the Australian Government's Mutual Recognition FAQs. Choose 'pest and weed controllers' under heading 'What are mutual recognition declarations?'.

If you determine that your interstate licence is equivalent to the Queensland commercial operator's licence:

  • complete the online application for a licence and pay the fee
  • or
  • if you cannot apply online, contact our Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23 for a paper based form
  • provide copies of your interstate licence certified by a JP or Commissioner for Declarations
  • provide a signed and witnessed statutory declaration.

Your statutory declaration must:

  • state that you are registered or licensed for the weed and/or pest control occupation in a particular state and specify that state
  • state the occupation you are seeking registration or a licence for, and that you are seeking this according to the mutual recognition principle
  • specify all the states in which you have substantive registration or licences for equivalent weed and/or pest control occupations
  • state that you are not the subject of disciplinary proceedings in any state (including any preliminary investigations or action that might lead to disciplinary proceedings) in relation to those occupations
  • state that your registration in any state is not cancelled or currently suspended as a result of disciplinary action
  • state that you are not otherwise personally prohibited from carrying on any weed and/or pest control occupation in any state, and are not subject to any special conditions in carrying on that occupation, as a result of criminal, civil or disciplinary proceedings in any state
  • specify any special conditions to which you are subject in carrying out any weed and/or pest control occupation in any state
  • give consent to the making of inquiries and the exchange of information with the authorities of any state regarding your activities in the relevant occupation or occupations or otherwise regarding matters relevant to the notice.

Delays may occur in the eventual issue of your Queensland commercial operator's licence if you do not address all of the points listed above in your statutory declaration.