Distributing herbicides in hazardous areas

Hazardous areas have been declared because some herbicides can cause damage in susceptible cropping areas. Certain herbicides have restrictions on their use in hazardous areas and distribution permits are needed for applications other than the following authorised techniques:

  • cut stump, basal bark and frill ringing, provided they occur more than 100m away from crops susceptible to the herbicide that are growing on neighbouring properties
  • stem injection.

A hazardous area distribution permit is issued under the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966 to either a licensed ground distribution contractor or aerial distribution contractor. The permit allows ground or aerial distribution (application) of restricted herbicides in a hazardous area by licensed commercial operators or licensed pilots in command of aircraft.

This guide will help you understand the locations of hazardous areas in Queensland, the restricted herbicides for each hazardous area and who should apply for distribution permits.