Chemicals and herbicides

Licencing and operator requirements for agriculture chemicals.


Use of agricultural and veterinary chemicals

Find out about safely using agricultural and veterinary chemicals in Queensland, including licences and permits.

Aerial distribution of agricultural chemicals

Find out about licensing requirements and laws for aerial distribution of agricultural chemicals, including obligations for record keeping and avoiding misuse.

Chemical application licence search

Search the register to verify if a commercial spray operator is licensed.

Commercial operator's licence for using herbicides

Find out how to qualify and apply for a commercial operator’s licence to apply herbicides with ground equipment in Queensland.

Ground distribution of herbicides

Learn about the licensing requirements, laws and regulations for ground distribution of herbicides in Queensland.

Distributing herbicides in hazardous areas

Find out where declared hazardous areas are in Queensland, and what permits are required to distribute certain restricted herbicides.

Off-target spray drift issues

Find out how to prevent spray drift of agricultural chemicals, and manage and report spray drift impacts when they occur.