Commercial operator's licence for using herbicides

If you distribute (spray, spread or disperse) herbicides using ground equipment (any machine or apparatus other than an aircraft), on land that you do not own or occupy, you may require a commercial operator's licence. As a licensed commercial operator you may only carry out the work in the course of the business or under the direction or authority of a licensed ground distribution contractor or aerial distribution contractor.

Regulating the use of herbicides and other agricultural chemicals is important, as misuse can result in potential harm to agriculture or livestock, the environment, trade, or human health. Operator licensing, based on the operator undertaking a training qualification, provides the community and others with confidence that commercial operators are applying herbicides responsibly - particularly by ensuring product label instructions are followed to eliminate or minimise herbicide misuse.

This guide provides you with information about a commercial operator's licence to apply herbicides in Queensland, how to qualify for the licence and how to apply for the licence in Queensland or to have your interstate licence recognised.