Regulated areas for ground distribution of herbicides

Ground distribution is primarily regulated in Queensland's southern, eastern and central regions. In many local authorities, particularly those in western and far northern regions, the provisions of the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966 do not apply. These areas have been traditionally used for grazing animal production, with only limited crop production.

You can access an interactive atlas that details the precise locations of the areas where the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act applies and does not apply. If you only require a general guide, a basic map is listed in schedule 1 of the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Regulation 2021.

Within the regulated areas, 3 hazardous areas have been declared to protect susceptible crops in those areas from damage from certain volatile herbicides.

Read more about hazardous area distribution permits, including ground distribution in the 3 hazardous areas, their locations, their prescribed restricted herbicides and how to apply for distribution permits to carry out ground distribution of the restricted herbicides for each hazardous area.

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