Pest management technicians

Special arrangements for pest management technicians

A pest management technician (PMT) who holds a current Queensland pest management licence under the Medicines and Poisons Act 2019 and a relevant pest management qualification is taken to hold a commercial operator's licence. However, any ground distribution by the PMT must be carried out for a business that holds a ground or aerial distribution contractor licence.

The relevant pest management qualification is a statement of attainment issued by a registered training organisation under the Vocational Education and Training (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2012 or similar legislation in another state. The statement declares that the licensed, qualified pest management technician has successfully completed each of the following competencies (or their replacement when these units are revised):

  • CPPUPM3005 – Manage pests without applying pesticides
  • CPPUPM3006 – Manage pests by applying pesticides
  • CPPUPM3018 – Maintain equipment and pesticide storage area in pest management vehicles.