Cattle tick zones in Queensland

Queensland is divided into 2 cattle tick zones:

  • the Queensland cattle tick infested zone
  • the Queensland cattle tick free zone.

View a map of cattle tick free and infested zones.

Cattle (high-risk livestock) are the primary hosts for cattle ticks although they can also infest other species such as sheep, horses, goats, camels, alpacas and llamas (low-risk livestock).

All high and low-risk livestock must be free of cattle ticks before entering the free zone. When you move livestock between zones there are risk minimisation requirements that you must meet. These requirements are stated in the biosecurity manual (PDF, 1MB).

Other ticks that may commonly be found on cattle in Queensland are scrub ticks and New Zealand cattle (or bush) ticks. Learn how to identify cattle ticks.

You must report any cattle ticks or tick fever when found in the Queensland cattle tick free zone to Biosecurity Queensland.