Moving and selling animals

Legal requirements and permits for moving animals in, around and out of Queensland.


Guidelines for moving animals

See the requirements that apply to different types of animals.

Livestock standstill

All about livestock standstills in Queensland, for livestock owners, transporters and others in the livestock industry.

Branding and earmarking

Guidelines for identifying different animals with brands or earmarks.

Biosecurity entity registration

Registration allows us to better prepare for and respond to biosecurity emergencies.

Property identification codes

A property identification code (PIC) is associated with the land where you keep your animals.

Legal requirements

Requirements, guidelines and advice on moving livestock within and into Queensland. Learn more about the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS).

Cattle tick zones

Legal requirements when moving susceptible livestock through cattle tick zones in Queensland.

Mustering or travelling stock permits for protected areas

Find out about mustering or travelling stock permits for national parks and state forests, including how to apply.

Property of origin

Find out how to get property of origin certification for exporting animals and animal products from Queensland.

Animal welfare during transport

This guide provides guidelines to help ensure the welfare of animals being transported by land, including special requirements for birds, cattle and dogs.

Stock routes

Apply for the permits needed to use the Queensland stock route network for travelling stock on foot, grazing (agistment) of stock and using water facilities.