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Pacific Labour Scheme and Seasonal Worker Programme

Queensland has opted into the Australian Government's recommencement of the Pacific Labour Scheme and Seasonal Worker Programme to address the expected labour shortage in agribusiness, particularly through the summer harvest period.

Our main focus for meeting labour shortages is to attract and train Queenslanders. However, workforce shortages are still expected in this sector.

Agribusinesses may be able to seek an overseas workforce to fill some harvesting, field labour and processing roles.

Requirements for agribusinesses applying to recruit an overseas workforce

Application and approval processes are managed by the Australian Government, and only approved employers can participate in the schemes.

Quarantine arrangements will apply to any workers entering the state to protect the current labour force and Queensland residents. The number of workers able to enter will be limited by Queensland's quarantine capacity.

All quarantine arrangements must be approved by the Queensland Chief Health Officer.

To apply for an overseas workforce to assist with agricultural labour shortages, approved employers must:

  1. Read the guidelines for the following quarantine options:
    1. On-farm quarantine guidelines
    2. Hotel quarantine guidelines. Note that there is limited availability of hotel quarantine. Any approved employer considering hotel quarantine for overseas workers should contact the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to discuss their proposal.
  2. Complete one of the below application forms and submit it with a recruitment proposal and relevant plans:
    1. application form, including on-farm quarantine, for PLS/SWP
    2. application form, including hotel quarantine, for PLS/SWP.
  3. If you are not the owner/occupier of the proposed on-farm quarantine accommodation site or workplace, you will be required to also provide a letter of consent from the owner.

To submit your form:

Case study

Listen to our interview with Craig Pressler, owner of 2PH in Central Queensland, and his research and development manager Andrew Miles about their experience with the Pacific Labour Scheme and Seasonal Worker Programme and on-farm quarantine.

Run time: 13 minutes

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