Workplace health management plan for seasonal workers during COVID-19

If you employ seasonal workers it is mandatory to have a workplace health management plan. This includes all agribusinesses, commercial fishing and processing businesses, and agriculture labour hire companies.

A workplace health management plan must:

  • describe the health screening steps you will implement for employees—you are required to undertake pre-employment screening and daily checks of your employees to determine the presence/absence of COVID-19 symptoms
  • describe the steps that you will implement to:
    • manage and prevent the transmission of COVID-19 among your employees and the community
    • maintain health standards
    • respond appropriately should an employee become unwell
  • be submitted to Queensland Health at

If you employ seasonal workers and local workers and you have a health management plan in place that covers all COVID-19 workplace health and safety management measures, you do not need to duplicate this information in a separate workplace health and safety plan.

Record-keeping templates for workplace health management plans are available to assist you.

You must have a record of your employee's work history and accommodation details for the 14 days before commencing work with you (including quarantine compliance if relevant).

If you would like an agriculture coordination officer from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to provide advice or assistance on developing a workplace health management plan, phone 13 25 23 or email, providing details of your request.

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