COVIDSafe requirements for employers of seasonal workers

Queensland has put in place measures to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in Queensland. The roadmap to easing restrictions sets out the current requirements that apply to businesses and the community across Queensland.

The Seasonal Workers International Quarantine Plans and Checklist Direction sets out how these requirements apply to businesses that employ seasonal workers. If you are an agribusiness, commercial fishing business or labour hire firm that employs seasonal workers, or an accommodation facility that houses only seasonal workers, you must comply with the requirements in this direction.

A seasonal worker is anyone whose permanent residence is not in Queensland, or a Queenslander who is not staying in their permanent residence each night—that is, anyone who has had to travel to undertake the work.

Under the direction, you must:

  • comply with the COVIDSafe checklist
  • collect contact information using the Check In Qld app
  • comply with public health controls such as cleaning and hygiene measures
  • comply with the occupant density in indoor spaces where practicable—no more than 1 person per 2 square metres.

The COVIDSafe checklist also requires your business to manage COVID-19 through a work health and safety risk management framework. This could be your existing Health Management Plan or work health and safety plan for COVID-19.

What this means for businesses who employ seasonal workers

  • You can employ seasonal workers, including backpackers, to meet harvesting demand during COVID-19.
  • If you hire seasonal workers who are currently based in other Australian states or territories, you must provide them with written confirmation of their job to allow them to cross the border from a COVID-19 hotspot. Before they are able to cross the border from a hotspot into Queensland, you will need to apply for their endorsement as essential or specialist workers (allow a minimum of 7 days for processing).
  • Seasonal workers may also need help to secure suitable accommodation.

If you employ seasonal workers and local workers you can cover your COVID-19 work health and safety requirements through your existing health management plan or work health and safety plan.

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