Controlling invasive animals

Some introduced animals from other countries have become serious pests in Queensland. Pest animals - including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and birds - threaten Queensland's primary industries, natural ecosystems, and human and animal health.

Under the Biosecurity Act 2014, everyone has an obligation to prevent or minimise the impact of invasive animals on human health, social amenity, the economy and the environment.

An Australian Bureau of Statistics survey found that Queensland's farmers spend more than $180 million each year controlling pest animals. However, the total cost of pest animals to Queensland's economy and your business can be much higher, including:

  • direct control and management costs
  • production losses - including pasture and crop damage, livestock predation and competition for food resources and water
  • destruction of natural resources (e.g. soils, vegetation, waterways) and property infrastructure (e.g. dams, fences, irrigation systems)
  • spread of exotic diseases including foot-and-mouth, African swine fever and rabies.

This guide explains how to control pest animals on your property, how this can benefit your business, and what support services are available.