Animal health

By law, all animal owners have a duty of care to look after their animals correctly.

Planning for adequate nutrition and animal care through a health program will help you prevent pests and diseases.

All veterinary chemicals must be used correctly according to label instructions and withholding periods observed to prevent chemical residues in plant or animal products.

Keeping disease out

The following resources are available to help you keep your animals disease free:

Livestock management

The following resources are available to help you manage livestock:

Biosecurity plan

If you own animals, work out the risks on your property and develop a biosecurity property plan to minimise them.

Learn more about biosecurity plans for animal industries.

Animal diseases and pests

The list of significant animal diseases and pests provides details on a range of animal diseases, including common names and which animals are likely to be affected. The list also includes information on which diseases you are legally required to report to Biosecurity Queensland.

Find out more about animal health for:

Animal Health Australia provide further advice on animal health systems in Australia and farm biosecurity.

Visit the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland website to find a registered veterinarian.

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