Ethics and animal welfare

Understand the codes and regulations you need to comply with.

Changes to the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001

Amendments to the Act commenced on 12 December 2022, improving Queensland's animal welfare laws.

Read more about the changes to the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 or view the Animal Care and Protection Amendment Act 2022.


Animal welfare laws

A guide to understanding Queensland's animal welfare laws, including an overview of the Animal Care and Protection Act, and the penalties for breaches.

Animal welfare complaints

If you suspect cruelty to livestock or other animals, or think that animals aren't being cared for properly, you should make an animal welfare complaint.

Duty of care

Duty of care for animals, including livestock, is based on the internationally recognised five freedoms of animal welfare.

Animal welfare codes

Compulsory and voluntary codes of practice for different animals and situations.

Using animals in science

Find out about using animals for scientific purposes, the role of the animal ethics committee (AEC) and activities requiring approval from the AEC.

During transport

This guide provides guidelines to help ensure the welfare of animals being transported by land, including special requirements for birds, cattle and dogs.