African swine fever

African swine fever is an infectious viral disease of domestic and feral pigs. It can have a very high mortality rate in pigs. People cannot be infected.


About African swine fever

Learn why African swine fever would significantly impact pig health and production, if introduced to Australia.

Prohibited feed for pigs

Find out what you can and can’t legally feed pigs, including the risks and penalties associated with swill feeding.

Protect your farm

Read advice for pig producers in Queensland and more information about African swine fever.

Pig hunters

Pig hunters and property owners in areas inhabited by feral pigs can help monitor the feral pig population and report suspected cases.


Read guidelines for veterinarians dealing with suspected cases of African swine fever.

Submitting samples to the biosecurity sciences laboratory

Find out who can submit a sample to the Biosecurity Sciences Laboratory for animal disease testing and which samples are tested for free.

Quick reference guide

African swine fever is an animal disease and disorder in Queensland.