Queensland Government On-time Payment Policy

From 1 July 2020, the On-time Payment Policy ensures that small businesses supplying to the Queensland Government are paid within 20 calendar days.

Should the small business not receive payment within 20 calendar days they can submit a claim for penalty interest. This only applies to correctly rendered undisputed invoices.

Register your details on the On-time Payment Small Business Register to enable your business to be paid within 20 calendar days.

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Who is eligible?

A small business is defined as an entity that employs less than 20 employees.

Make a claim for penalty interest

To claim interest on a late payment, you will need to submit an on-time payment claim form.

A late payment claim can only be made against a Queensland Government department. Read the Queensland Government On-time Payment Policy for more information.

How penalty interest is calculated

Interest will be paid at the unpaid tax interest (UTI) rate, which is 12.36% for the 2024–25 financial year.

Interest is applicable after 20 calendar days up until payment is made. For example, if payment is made 25 calendar days after the invoice date, interest is owed for the 5 calendar days that the payment was late.

The minimum payment that will be made for penalty interest is $20.

Exemptions to the On-time Payment Policy

There are some general exemptions to the policy, including reporting and penalty interest requirements.

Read the Queensland Government On-time Payment Policy for more information.

Department-specific exemptions

Some Queensland Government departments have specific exemptions from the On-time Payment Policy. As these exemptions become available, they will be listed on this website.

Read the current list of department-specific exemptions.

Reporting and publishing payment information

Queensland Government departments are required to publish payment performance data on the Open Data Portal each quarter. No information that will identify you or your business will be listed.

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