Queensland Government Late Payment Policy

If your small business supplies goods or services to the Queensland Government, our Late Payment Policy will benefit you.

For invoices issued from 1 July 2013, the government will pay penalty interest to small business for all bills on contracts up to $1 million paid greater than 30 calendar days. This only applies to correctly rendered undisputed tax invoices.

Who is eligible

Small businesses are eligible if they had less than 20 employees at the date of contract.

The minimum payment that will be made for accrued interest is $20.

Make a late payment claim

To claim interest on a late payment, you will need to submit a late payment claim form.

A late payment claim can only be made against a Queensland Government department.

Your business can choose not to make a claim for late payment interest if you prefer.

How the interest is calculated

Interest will be paid at the unpaid tax interest (UTI) rate, which is 9.96% for the 2018-19 financial year.

Interest is applicable after 30 days up until payment is made. For example, if payment is made 35 days after the tax invoice date, interest is owed for the 5 days that the payment was late.

Exemptions to the Late Payment Policy

Interest will not be applicable:

  • for payments to non-small business suppliers
  • on contracts with payment terms greater than 30 days
  • for payments due during compulsory Christmas and New Year closure periods
  • if an event occurs (for example, a natural disaster) that prevents payments being approved and processed.

Department-specific exemptions

Individual Queensland Government departments have specific exemptions from the Late Payment Policy. As these exemptions become available, they will be listed on this website.

Read the current list of department-specific exemptions.

Publishing interest payments

The Queensland Government will monitor interest penalty payments and publish them on the Open Data website each quarter. No information that will identify you or your business will be listed.

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