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New preferred supplier panel for temporary and contracted workers

We're changing the way we engage temporary and contracted workers with a new preferred supplier panel for our contingent workforce.

If your business provides temporary and contracted workers, this is your pathway to supply to the Queensland Government.

The panel will provide ongoing opportunities for suppliers to engage with Queensland Government. The panel will be refreshed periodically so suppliers can respond to changes in the market and new businesses will have the opportunity to join.

Suppliers can register to be notified of the next opportunity to apply to join the panel by emailing QGov-TCWorkersPSP@hpw.qld.gov.au.

Who can apply?

You can apply to be a supplier within the Temporary and Contracted Worker Preferred Supplier Panel if you provide workers:

  • through a supplier arrangement
  • for a pre-defined period of time
  • where line management and direction of the worker is provided by the customer
  • at an agreed rate
  • who are employed by your organisation and payment to the worker is your responsibility
  • who are covered by your organisation's insurance policies.

You must demonstrate an ongoing ability to effectively supply temporary and contracted workers by complying with mandatory criteria. In addition, you must accept and adhere to the relevant legislation, policies, and terms and conditions.

Preferred Supplier Panel categories

The Preferred Supplier Panel (PSP) replaced several existing standing offer arrangements with one broader preferred supplier panel. This whole of government arrangement delivers flexibility in the management and procurement of temporary and contracted workers. Read more about the different methods of government procurement to understand what this means for your business.

Included categories

When applying to be appointed to the PSP, you will only need to respond once for all your nominated categories of supply. The following temporary and contracted worker categories are included:


  • Administrative
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resource
  • Management
  • Procurement
  • Specialist Administration


  • Frontline Services
  • Sport and Recreation


  • Enterprise Governance
  • Enterprise Implementation
  • Technology Services
  • Technology/Application Building
  • Technology/Specialist Systems

Infrastructure, Construction & Maintenance

  • Building Construction and Maintenance
  • Facilities/Maintenance
  • Fleet Administration
  • Trades

Scientific and Technical Field

  • Staff
  • Scientific
  • Technical

Excluded categories

The following categories are specifically excluded from the PSP:

  • apprentices
  • independent contractors
  • legal resources
  • medical professionals
  • professional services and consultants
  • volunteers
  • workers engaged through hiring arrangements on a non-permanent basis on Queensland Government payroll
  • an individual who is an executive officer of the corporation and the only individual the provider supplies, in the course of carrying on a business, to another person to do work.

How to apply

Temporary and Contracted Workers Preferred Supplier Panel Invitation to Offer's are published on the QTenders website.

Suppliers can also register to be notified of the next opportunity to apply to join the panel by emailing QGov-TCWorkersPSP@hpw.qld.gov.au.


If you have any questions about the Preferred Supplier Panel, email QGov-TCWorkersPSP@hpw.qld.gov.au.