Mentoring for innovation

Managing innovation is a complex and challenging task, and takes more than technical knowledge and skill. It requires insight, tenacity, intuition, creativity and acumen, all of which are developed and honed through experience and over time.

Why not tap into the experience of others who have already achieved what you hope to achieve? There is a wealth of talent in the business community. Harness this capacity through a mentoring relationship in which one or more mentors provide ongoing guidance in a formal structure.

There are many mentoring programs and services available to guide your business through the innovation process. Mentoring or coaching can ensure you take full advantage of your new ideas, and implement them effectively.

Programs usually have specific eligibility criteria, so it's important to find a program that matches your business needs and stage of idea development.

Innovation mentoring programs and services

The Queensland Government has the following programs to support innovative businesses with strategic development and international growth:

Mentoring for Growth (M4G)

The M4G program provides businesses with innovation support from private sector mentors, focusing on ways to grow your business. Mentoring panels comprise business, industry and export specialists who provide their time, knowledge and expertise in a voluntary capacity. The program includes mentoring panels geared towards businesses with specific investment (M4I), export (M4E) or recovery (M4R) needs.

Mentee clients accepted into the programs are provided with the opportunity to attend one or more structured and confidential mentoring panel meetings to address issues that are critical to the success of their businesses.

Mentees benefit from:

  • a process that challenges assumptions and offers strategic options specific to their circumstances
  • access to an extensive network of mentors and support services
  • network links into target markets
  • engagement with and support from Queensland Government officers
  • proposed strategies for sustainable success.

M4G is for businesses with challenges relating to business growth and innovation. It is not recommended for start-ups or early stage businesses.

Find out more about M4G.

Small Business Solutions' mentoring process

Small Business Solutions can provide an objective opinion on your business enquiries and general business concerns. Their business mentoring process is designed to help you assess the health of your business and find ways to maximise profits.

Find out more about the Small Business Solutions mentoring process.

Mentoring through industry associations

Business and industry associations can provide opportunities for networking and innovation mentoring, as they often organise networking events and manage mentoring programs. These events and programs can connect you with other businesses in your industry and help you find an appropriate mentor. Networking with other business owners and industry players is a great way to forge both formal and informal business mentoring relationships.

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