Becoming an innovative business

Learn how innovation can benefit your business, how to become an innovative business and how to promote innovation within your organisation.


Innovation: the basics

Learn more about what innovation is and how it can be successfully used to build business.

Innovation readiness quiz

Evaluate which stage you are at in the innovation development process with this quiz.

Mentoring for innovation

Read about mentoring and coaching programs that support business innovation in Queensland.

Funding for innovation

Develop your business plan and identify funding options that will enable you to progress your innovation.

Innovation strategy

Defining and developing your innovation strategy will help you to achieve your innovation goals.

Innovation grants and support

Learn about the wide range of grants, workshops, events and other support services for business innovation in Queensland.

Developing your idea for innovation

Analysing and developing a good knowledge of your market will help you to develop your innovation into an effective business opportunity.

Developing products and services

There are a number of steps you can take to assess your innovation and determine its feasibility.

Marketing your innovation

Connecting with your market is a vital step towards commercial success from your new idea or innovation – start with evaluating your market potential.

Measuring success in innovation

Measuring and monitoring progress on past and current innovations will help you to identify opportunities to build on successes and address performance gaps.

Networking in business

Explore networking models and our 6-step process as a way to market your business.

Being an entrepreneur

Find out about the personal traits and business skills you'll need to be a successful entrepreneur.