Step 4 – Make change happen

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It's time to put your plans into action.

Review your outcomes from the activities you've completed and start to work out the actions you'll take. Use our list of suggested resources to help start implementing your change plans.

Change readiness plan

You can now create your change readiness plan. The plan captures the work you've completed across the 3 steps of your change journey so far.

Update your plan as your business identifies and makes changes. This will ensure it's always relevant and focused on the outcomes you want.

Change readiness plan

Complete your change readiness plan

The change readiness plan will help you put all your outcomes in a single document to help you start taking action.

Download the change readiness plan template.

Change checklist

Review which tools and activities you've completed in your change journey so far.

Start taking action


Use the insights you've gained from the planning tools and start adapting and changing your business.

Treat your completed templates as living documents – update them regularly as your business changes and grows. Look out for emerging external trends and new opportunities and threats. By doing this, your business will be better positioned for success and you'll be primed to take action when you need.

Resources to support your change actions

Find information and support to help you start making changes to your business operations.

  • Develop new products or services

    Find out the process for new product development – from idea to implementation.

  • Find new customers

    Discover techniques to find new customers, generate sales and renew sales to former customers.

  • Customer and market research

    Find out how to define your market and conduct different types of market research.

  • Use business advisers

    Find the right business adviser and build a successful working relationship with them.

  • Pricing products and services

    Learn how to set the right prices for your products and services.

  • Do business online

    Read how to get your business online, including legal and security considerations.

  • Business mentoring

    Learn the benefits of working with an experienced business mentor, and how to find one.

  • Export

    Discover how to grow your business by exporting. Find support to enter global markets.

  • Develop staff

    Develop the skills and capabilities of your staff, and learn how to manage your team through change.

  • Lead through change

    Learn about different leadership styles and how they affect staff, clients and business.

  • Find suppliers

    Read how to find the right suppliers and negotiate contracts.

  • Find the right premises

    Learn about finding the best location for your business.

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