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Connect user account types

Every person using Connect needs to register for a 'user account'.

Once you have a user account, it must be linked to a 'customer account', which represents the legal entity (such as a company or an individual). The link must be authorised by an 'administrative user'.

The first user who successfully links to a customer account, and is processed by the Department of Environment and Science (DES), becomes the administrative user. The administrative user can then authorise subsequent users to access the Connect account.

User account types, roles and permissions

Administrative user

An administrative user can:

  • edit and manage customer account details
  • authorise additional users to be linked to the customer account
  • manage and update user roles of users linked to the customer account, for example by nominating a new administrative user
  • conduct business with DES through Connect.

General user

A general user can conduct business with DES through Connect.


An agent can register and request to be connected to a customer account.

If the administrative user accepts the agent's request, that agent can submit any application on behalf of the customer.

Agents can also complete permit returns and pay annual fees on behalf of customers.


You may be asked to enter contact details, for the customer account or when lodging an application, to ensure that information from Connect and the Queensland Government will be sent to the right person.

Some contact details are mandatory, particularly when submitting applications, but others can be decided by the customer.

Technical support

Support is available Monday–Friday 8.30am–4.30pm (AEST) (except public holidays).

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