Gas prices

Since the introduction of full retail competition, the price of reticulated natural gas in Queensland has been deregulated. This means retailers are responsible for setting prices for their customers.

The final price paid by gas customers includes a range of different costs, including:

  • the cost of the gas
  • the cost of transporting the gas along transmission and distribution pipelines to individual customers
  • retail costs.

You can compare electricity and gas prices using the Energy Made Easy website.

Changes to gas prices

From 1 July 2015, retailers must provide customer market offer information to the Australian Energy Regulator, which will appear on the Energy Made Easy website.

If the change is an increase in prices, under the National Energy Retail Law 2010 the retailer is required to:

  • publish a notice on its website at least 10 business days before the new price takes effect
  • send the price notice to affected small customers with their next bill.