Choosing your electricity or gas retailer

Customers in South East Queensland, including small businesses, can choose their energy provider.

This includes customers who obtain their electricity through an 'embedded network' operated by their landlord or the owner of their building.

Regional large business customers (using 100 megawatt-hours or more per year), particularly those on the east coast, may also be able to find competitive market offers.

Small businesses can compare electricity and gas prices using the Energy Made Easy website.

Checklist for shopping around

  1. Identify which pieces of equipment use the most electricity and when you use that equipment. Check:
    • different billing periods
    • payment options
    • fixed terms
    • discounts.
  2. Small business customers can shop around for a better deal with Energy Made Easy. Compare:
    • What are the prices?
    • Is there a discount?
    • If so, what is the discount applied to?
    • Are discounts or prices conditional (e.g. bills must be paid on time, received electronically, paid by direct deposit)?
    • Is the contract for a fixed period?
    • What happens at the end of the period?
    • When does it expire?
    • Does it have exit fees?
  3. Ask your current retailer for a better deal, especially if you are on a standard retail contract.
  4. Switch and save if you find a better deal. You have a 10-day cooling-off period if you change your mind.

Contact retailers directly if you have questions about:

  • the contract, bill or the prices you pay
  • your payment options
  • purchasing green power
  • disconnecting or reconnecting your service
  • your solar power feed-in tariff, if applicable.

Alternatively, you can hire an energy broker to find a good deal on your behalf. This is recommended for large business customers using 100 megawatt-hours or more per year that do not have in-house capability. Ask the broker whether they receive commissions and other incentives from electricity retailers.

Protections are in place to help both small and large customers with any disputes.

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