Dispute resolution and consumer protection

Queensland's energy laws ensure that all customers have access to essential electricity and gas supplies on fair and reasonable terms.

Your electricity rights

Small business customers can use the Energy made easy price comparison website to research and evaluate products and services offered by electricity retailers.

All electricity retailers must provide the same information about their electricity offers in the same format. This is called an 'energy price fact sheet'.

For small businesses (consuming less than 100 MWh per year), every electricity retailer has to:

  • tell you about any flexible payment options up front
  • give you at least 10 days notice of any price increases
  • give you 20 days notice before any discounts (or other benefits) expire or change
  • let you make regular, advance payments if you choose
  • offer assistance if you're finding it difficult to pay your bill
  • tell you about concessions and rebates in disconnection warning notices
  • give you advanced notice about interruptions to supply.

Electricity retailers are not allowed to:

  • charge more than $20 if you want to switch providers
  • charge you upfront for meter tests.

Dispute resolution

If you have a dispute with your energy supplier (retailer or distributor), first contact the company and try to resolve the matter directly.

Contact your retailer or embedded network owner if you have questions about:

  • your contract
  • charges on your bill
  • disconnecting or reconnecting your service
  • your classification as a small or large customer.

Small customers

The Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland (EWOQ) can help small businesses (using less than 160 megawatt-hours of electricity or 1 terajoule of gas per year) resolve disputes with an energy retailer or distributor.

EWOQ provides a free, fair and independent dispute resolution service.

  • Contact EWOQ or phone 1800 662 837.

Embedded network customers

If you are unable to resolve your billing dispute with your embedded network owner, there are a range of dispute resolution services available, depending on your situation.

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