Your electricity supply

Electricity customers in Queensland generally buy their electricity from retailers. However, if you lease an industrial or commercial property, you might be getting your electricity through an 'embedded network'.

Electricity distributors own and operate the poles and wires that deliver electricity to individual homes and businesses.

The distributors are also responsible for trimming trees, reading meters, the safety of their networks, dealing with emergencies such as lines down, and restoring power after outages. If you have problems with your electricity supply, such as power interruptions, you should contact your distributor.

Queensland's electricity distributors

Queensland has over 229,339 industrial and commercial retail customers of electricity. These consumers are serviced by:

  • Energex – supplies electricity to customers in South East Queensland
    Phone 13 12 53
  • Ergon Energy – supplies electricity to rural and regional Queensland
    Phone 13 10 46
  • Essential Energy (formerly Country Energy) – a New South Wales energy distributor, which supplies area in and around Goondiwindi, close to the Queensland – New South Wales border
    Phone: 13 23 91