Reporting requirements for service providers

The key performance indicators (KPIs) are designed to monitor and benchmark performance on these common industry metrics:

  • water supply security
  • service delivery
  • financial stability
  • infrastructure investment and maintenance
  • demand management
  • customer service and affordability
  • cyber security.

The number of KPIs reported on will vary according to the size of the provider and the type of services provided (as stated in the report requirement notice).

Content of performance reports

The annual performance report will include performance data against the KPIs you are required to report against.

The performance report may also include:

  • a summary of any findings or recommendations in a performance audit report for the financial year
  • a report on the implementation of an improvement plan
  • a report about any action taken as directed by the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water.

Audit of performance report data

Periodically and when directed by the regulator, by notice, service providers will need to engage a third party to audit the accuracy of KPI data provided. A copy of the audit report must be provided to the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water.

A notice issued to a service provider, by the regulator, which requires an audit of performance data still state the notified year and the date by which the audit report must be given to the regulator.


Service providers that only supply water for non-drinking purposes will not be required to prepare a performance report, but must maintain their registration as a service provider.

Report requirement notices

The department issues a report requirement notice to service providers, which lists the KPIs they must report on in their annual performance report.

New notices will only be issued if there is a change to the KPIs or other reporting requirements.

Details of the KPIs (including cyber security) are contained in the definitions guide version 2 (PDF, 1.38MB). (Version 2 has some minor edits that include the addition of some extra commonly used terms, corrections to some SWIM code references and an extra category for responses to QG2.12.)

Submitting performance reports

Service providers have until 1 October each year to submit their performance reports for the previous financial year.

Service providers can submit their report to the department using the Statewide Water Information Management (SWIM) database or complete the department's performance reporting template which can be provided upon request by emailing

The completed performance report must be published on the service provider's website as soon as possible after it is accepted by the regulator.

KPI data for all service providers is compiled in a spreadsheet which contains data from the 2015 to 2021 financial years:

  • anomalous data has been removed from the dataset, as indicated by RD
  • missing data, as reported by the service provider, is shown as MD
  • data that is not relevant, as reported by the service provider is shown as NR
  • indicators with a CPI suffix show that the data has been adjusted for inflation.

View the Water and sewerage service provider key performance indicator data 2015–2020.

Public access to water and sewerage service provider performance data

Performance data reported to the department is made publicly available for Queenslanders to view, explore and compare via: