Managing state-owned dams and weirs

The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy owns and manages 21 dams and weirs across Queensland which provide a range of services to the community including irrigation, rural water supply, firefighting and recreation.

The remainder of the Queensland Government's water resources and pipelines are managed by Seqwater and SunWater.

Management strategies

The management of state-owned water infrastructure assets means maintaining their value, minimising costs and maximising benefit to the public.

Our asset maintenance strategies include:

  • condition-based maintenance
  • periodic and comprehensive inspections: all referable dams are periodically assessed for structural integrity, age and remaining life, the ability to continue to meet its purpose and level of service obligation
  • dam safety reviews and workplace health and safety audits: all assets are assessed to comply with the dam safety management guidelines.

Significant upcoming projects include:

  • finalising project planning for Glen Niven Dam upgrade
  • undertaking erosion and sediment control rehabilitation works associated with the Crooks Dam
  • upgrading and repairing the Kariboe Weir.

Map of state-owned dams and weirs

This map indicates which dams are open to the public:

  • the green marker indicates open
  • the red marker indicates closed.

Some of the smaller dams and weirs are permanently closed to the public for safety reasons.

Note: Corella Dam (near Cloncurry) and Copperfield Dam (near Kidston) are closed temporarily due to flooding.

For referable dams, links to the emergency action plans are included in the map.

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