Information about dams in Queensland, safety regulations and guidelines.


This guidance is intended to give general information about the regulation of dams in Queensland. The content does not constitute legal advice, and if you have a specific legal problem, you should consult a professional legal advisor.


Dams in Queensland

Read an overview of dam management in Queensland, including referable dams.

Importance of dam safety

Learn about requirements and standards to maintain your dam's safety.

Building or buying a dam

Find out what approvals and requirements are needed to build a dam, or buy or sell a property with a dam.

Managing a dam

Read about dam safety management, and how to implement an effective dam safety management program and culture.

Preparing for a dam emergency

Read about emergency action plans (EAP) which details how to prepare for a dam emergency.

Map and list of emergency action plans for referable dams

Access a map and list of referable dams in Queensland and their emergency action plans.

Emergency at a dam

Find out what to do in an emergency at a dam, and read flood mitigation manuals.

Dam safety regulation

Understand dam safety responsibilities and the role of the department as the regulator.

Dam safety authorised officers

Find out about dam safety authorised officers and their powers in Queensland.

Safety resources for dam owners

Find guidelines, links and publications about dam safety.