GABORA Western Queensland unallocated water release

1 April 2024—Applications closed for water released under this process. We are assessing applications over the coming months. We will contact applicants and let them know if they have been successful or not.

The release of unallocated Great Artesian Basin groundwater from general reserve totals 4,545 megalitres (ML). It is in parts of the Cadna-owie, Hooray, Springbok Walloon, and Hutton groundwater units underlying Western Queensland. The release is through a fixed price sale process.

An EOI process in 2020 confirmed the demand for access to unallocated water in these regions.

Groundwater sub-areaVolume
  • Eromanga Cadna-owie
  • Eromanga East Hooray
  • Eromanga North Hooray
  • Eromanga South Hooray
  • Eromanga West Hooray
  • Adori Injune Creek
  • Eromanga Hutton

Applications will be assessed against the evaluation criteria listed in the Terms of Sale.

Purpose of the release

Water may be granted for any purpose consistent with agriculture, industrial or renewable energy.

Eligibility and restrictions

The Terms of Sale set out exclusions for which applications for water will not be accepted.

We will assess the impact that the proposed take of water will have on groundwater dependent ecological assets, high value environmental features such as springs, and existing entitlement holders.

We will only grant water licences to successful applicants if the proposal is consistent with the Great Artesian Basin and other regional aquifers water plan (the GABORA).

We will only accept applications for purposes that would not be eligible to access water from either the State reserve or Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders economic reserve under Section 16 of the GABORA.

We will not accept applications relating to drinking water supply by a drinking water service provider registered under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2000.

We will not accept applications for an activity requiring authorisation under any of the following:

  • Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2009
  • Mineral Resource Act 1989
  • Petroleum Act 1923
  • Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004.

Fixed price and payment

The purchase price for applicants who are eligible to apply for a water licence is $1,420 per megalitre.

Water licences will be granted upon full payment of purchase price.

Contact us

To discuss the release process with us, phone (07) 4529 1394 or email