Flinders unallocated water release

Current status

On 14 March 2024, the department decided to not progress any tenders or make offers to enter a Call Option Deed under the Terms of Sale. Unallocated water that was made available under this process will remain within the general reserve of the current Gulf Water Plan.

In response to a high level of demand for water in the Flinders River Catchment area we have released 110,000ML of general reserve unallocated water for purposes which relate to 'rural' or 'any' within the Gulf water plan area.

This is surface water from watercourses (including tributaries) and overland flow water that will support agricultural development and stimulate investment and growth in the Flinders River catchment area.

This water has been accounted for and set aside for consumptive use through the water planning process. It is therefore within the sustainable limits for extraction from the system during the times of water flow.

The tender process

Stage 1: Preliminary tender applications closed on 30 June 2022.

Stage 2: Tender Application Competitive: Part B closed on 16 January 2023.

Stage 2: Competitive tender assessment commenced on 17 January 2023 and is ongoing.

A successful tenderer under Stage 2: Competitive tender assessment will be offered a Call Option Deed to buy a water licence under Stage 3A: Call Option Deed – Offer. The use of the call option is to ensure that the water licence is not granted until the tenderer has satisfied certain preconditions. The aim of the preconditions is to ensure that the water entitlement will be used for the purpose and capacity applied for under the tender process.

Stage 2: Competitive tender assessment

Key points

Eligible tenderers have been invited to stage 2 and the department will assess one Tender Application Competitive: Part B at a time in order of bid price starting with the highest ranked bid price. The assessment is important to ensure the water use is consistent with the outcomes of the Gulf water plan.

Stage 3A: Call option deed – Offer

Key points

We will offer successful tenderer(s) a call option deed to buy a water licence.

To accept the offer, the successful tenderer must pay the option fee and sign the call option deed and return it to the department by the due date.

If there is any remaining water available after the first successful tenderer has signed a call option deed, another bidder in stage 2 may be asked to revise their water product consistent with the remaining volume available.

Stage 3B: Call option deed – Grant of water licence(s)

Key points

We will grant the water licences in accordance with the terms in the call option deed upon satisfactory completion of all the call option conditions and payment of the balance purchase price.