Land access and other notices before starting petroleum and gas activities

You must submit a range of notices before you begin your exploration or mining activities. This includes notifying:

  • land owners and occupiers - before you access their land
  • the public road authority - before you use roads to transport equipment or petroleum
  • the chief inspector - before you commission or operate plant for the first time.

Read how to meet your notification obligations under Queensland resources legislation, and download a flowchart of requirements for public road use (PDF, 108KB).

Road use

You must notify the public road authority before you use:

  • a public road, in the area of your authority, for transport related to a seismic survey or drilling activity
  • any public road at more than the threshold rate for transportation of petroleum produced or processed in the area of your authority.

The threshold rates are:

  • 50,000t per year for a state-controlled roads
  • 10,000t per year for other public roads (e.g. council-controlled roads).

Who this applies to

Refer to the tables below.

How to lodge your notices and reports

The tables below show what you need to submit and how to do it. If you need more help:

  • refer to the legislation (references in the tables below)
  • read about accessing private land to make sure you understand your obligations to land owners and occupiers and comply with the Land Access Code

Submit your commissioning or decommissioning report online.

Submit report

Land access and road use

These requirements apply to holders of petroleum resource authorities.

Report/notice and legislation When to lodge How to lodge

MINES-01 – Entry notice for private land
(MERCPA1 Chapter 3 Part 2)

At least 10 business days before entry, or less if the land owner and occupier agree and endorse and sign the notice

Give to owner and occupier

MINES-06 – Periodic entry notice to public land
(MERCPA s. 57 and MERCPR 24(2))

At least 30 business days before entry

Give to public land authority

MINES-08 – ADR Election notice
(MERCPA s. 88)
After the end of the minimum negotiation period (20 business days) Post or email notice to the relevant mines assessment hub and other relevant party (refer to legislation)
MINES-11 – Negotiation notice
(MERCPA s. 84)
Before negotiations Give to owner and occupier

Periodic report after entry to private land or access land
(MERCPA s. 54)

Within 3 months after the end of the entry notice period. When a waiver is given:

  • for an exploration resource authority – within 6 months after the waiver of entry notice was given, or longer as agreed
  • for a production resource authority – within 1 year, or longer as agreed

Give to owner and occupier

Notice of notifiable road use
(MERCPR2 s. 27)

At least 10 business days before the use starts, or less if agreed to by the public road authority in writing

Submit notice to the public road authority

1MERCPA: Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Act 2014
2MERCPR: Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Regulation 2016

Operating plant

These requirements apply to all operators of operating plant that is to be commissioned or operated for the first time in Queensland.

Report/notice and legislation When to lodge How to lodge

Notice to chief inspector before operating plant is commissioned or operated
(P&G Act1 s. 673A)

Within 20 business days of commissioning or operating plant for first time

Email notice to Chief Inspector Petroleum and Gas at

1P&G Act: Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004