Groundwater management

Extracting water from coal seams is essential during coal seam gas (CSG) production. Groundwater pressure holds CSG within the seam and when the pressure is lowered through extraction, the gas can freely flow from the coal seam.

Protecting groundwater resources and having access to good quality groundwater is vital for Queensland's landholders and local communities.

The Queensland Government has introduced laws to protect landholders' groundwater supplies and the local environment from any adverse impacts from resource (including CSG) activities.

The laws apply to current and future projects and require evaluation and strict management of impacts of water extraction from resource operations on bores and springs.

Read more about the underground water management framework.

Groundwater monitoring

To help manage the impacts of resource operations, groundwater levels are monitored at a large number of sites throughout Queensland. Find out how to access groundwater monitoring data and get involved in bore monitoring.

Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA)

OGIA manages the impacts of water extraction as a result of resource operations on groundwater resources in cumulative management areas.

OGIA will prepare annual reports on the implementation of the Surat Underground Water Impact Report.