Lodge dealings and other activities on MyMinesOnline

Once you have registered for MyMinesOnline, you can use it to lodge most dealings and other activities relating to your resource authorities. Read the list of activities that can be lodged online for more details.

Before lodging your application:

  • Have your reference number ready. This could be your permit number or dealing/activity number, depending on the application.
  • Check the list below to see if you require a separate application form. If you do, complete it and save it to your computer ready to upload.
  • Save supporting documents individually so they are ready to upload. The application form will specify the documents required.
  • Have your credit card details ready if paying by credit card. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is also available.

Log in to MyMinesOnline

After submitting your application, you can track the progress of your assessment using MyMinesOnline.

Activities that can be lodged online

You can apply for the following activities on MyMinesOnline. The list headings below match the MyMinesOnline menu items.

An asterisk (*) indicates you can lodge the application using the online form.

For other applications, complete a separate application form and upload it to MyMinesOnline, along with supporting documents.

Apply to renew or surrender a permit

  • Renew a permit*
  • Total surrender of a permit

Lodge a dealing

  • Request a transfer*
  • Register a mortgage*
  • Register a caveat*
  • Register a sublease*
  • Release a mortgage
  • Remove a caveat
  • Terminate a sublease
  • Change or transfer a sublease
  • Transfer a mortgage

Lodge an agreement, program or plan

  • Lodge a later work program*
  • Lodge a later development plan*
  • Register an agreement*
  • Submit a coordination arrangement

Change permit area

  • Add excluded land
  • Additional surface area
  • Partial surrender
  • Partial abandonment
  • Relinquish land
  • Variation of access

Request a change to permit conditions

  • Add a mineral or purpose
  • Drilling on surface not included in mining lease
  • Replacement of instrument
  • Variation of permit conditions

Petroleum, geothermal and greenhouse gas storage specific activities

  • Amend a petroleum licence
  • Amend a water monitoring authority
  • Amendment to application
  • Amendment to relinquishment condition
  • Amendment to work program
  • Application for part 5 permission
  • Application for production testing
  • Change production commencement date for petroleum lease
  • Lodge a drilling notice (intention, completion, alteration or abandonment of a well or bore, intention or completion of hydraulic fracturing activities)
  • Special amendments to an authority to prospect

Change contact details

  • Change primary contact address for permits*
  • Change permit holder address*
  • Change permit holder name*