Metalliferous and industrial minerals

The value of metalliferous mining to Queensland is significant at over $8.3 billion.

The north and north-west Queensland mineral provinces contain most of Queensland's metalliferous mines. The north-west region alone produces more than 71% of the value of metalliferous minerals recovered in Queensland. These regions are world-class in terms of their base metals and industrial minerals production and there are new possible mineral projects across a range of commodities and potential for more discoveries.

Queensland has over half of Australia's demonstrated economic resources of lead (57%), zinc (55%) and silver (59%), respectively, and 57% and 13% of Australia's demonstrated economic resources of bauxite and copper. Australia also has the world's largest economic demonstrated resources of gold, of which Queensland has 5.3%.

In addition, the Kunwarara deposit in central Queensland is the world's largest known source of ultrafine-grain cryptocrystalline to microcrystalline magnesite and Phosphate Hill is Australia's leading phosphate mine.

Production and sales statistics

You can download mineral production and sales statistics compiled from yearly returns submitted by industry. To request historical information, email or call +61 7 3199 7915.

Applying for a resource authority

To explore for minerals, you need an exploration permit for minerals. You can apply by making a direct application or through a call for tenders.

Exploration and investment resources

For more information on exploring and investing in Queensland, see the following resources.

Queensland's mineral resources and industry

Queensland's resources industries

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Exploration reports

Holders of resource authorities are required to submit a range of statutory reports on their activities. After a period of confidentiality, these reports and data are made publicly available through QDEX Reports.

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