Advanced exploration technology trial - Northwest Minerals Province

The Queensland Government is facilitating an advanced exploration technology trial based in Mount Isa to help local firms maximise their business potential in the Northwest Minerals Province.

The project will provide access to a world-class technology to help derive the full value available from drill-core data acquisitions and sampling.

The trial is a great opportunity to discover what the latest hyperspectral scanning applications and support technologies can do for your business in a competitive global commodities market.

Trial details

An Australian firm, Corescan Pty Ltd, is bringing its expertise and portable hyperspectral core-logging equipment to Mount Isa and will be running the trials of their service on an agreed fee-for-service basis.

They will use the John Campbell Miles core storage facility as a base for operations with the support of the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM). The 6-month trial will commence in March 2017.

Key benefits

The trial will allow you to test and upskill your business in latest-generation automated core imaging, spectroscopy, mapping and 3D laser profiling, providing:

  • faster, more precise data to increase the chances of exploration success
  • reduced transport costs with portable equipment available for use from Mount Isa
  • more research value-add from stored rock core to enhance the National Virtual Core Library.

How to get involved

You can contact Corescan directly to discuss specific business requirements or contact the Geological Survey of Queensland to register your interest in the trial.

Get in touch if you would like to request a call back or briefing about how you can participate.

Industry participation

This project is a result of industry consultation arising from the government's Northwest Minerals Taskforce and has been initiated by the project team at the Geological Survey of Queensland. Introductory workshops on the use and application of hyperspectral scanning technology for local industry representatives held in November 2016 were presented by Corescan's Chief Geologist, Dr Brigette Martini PhD.

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