Peptide for faster healing of chronic wounds

The majority of chronic wounds are ulcers and few drugs promote their healing and closure. The laboratories of Professor Alex Loukas and Professor Norelle Daly at James Cook University (JCU) have identified a peptide that:

  • heals wounds in a mouse model faster than leading drug on the market
  • shows bioactivity derived from millennia of human/parasite co-evolution
  • is applicable to high-value wound indications
  • has low cost of goods.

Unique selling point/competitive advantage

The novel therapeutic, which has been reduced to an active peptide, shows significant acceleration of wound closure compared with the market-leading product. It has potential to be a 'best in class' therapeutic for diabetic ulcers.

Investment or collaboration opportunities

To extend this work and to translate their research and discovery into health benefits for patients, JCU is seeking collaborative investment in commercialising the peptide for the treatment of difficult-to-heal and chronic wounds.

Intellectual property rights

JCU owns and retains all commercial rights to a foundational patent covering pharmaceutical compositions and the method of use of the derived proteins as therapeutics for wound healing purposes.


Dr Seth Jones
Manager, Development and Commercialisation
Phone: +61 7 4232 1783

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