Tackling antibiotic resistant microbial infections

The University of Queensland (UQ) has 3 different innovations to overcome antimicrobial resistance:

  • Vancapticins are a novel class of compounds developed which selectively target gram positive bacterial membranes in preference to mammalian cell membranes by concentrating the antibiotic at the site of the target. They have 20-fold to 100-fold more potency than vancomycin or daptomycin against MRSA and enterococci. They also maintain significantly better activity against vancomycin-resistant strains.
  • Novel colistin analogues have been developed with improved potency and safety profile over existing antibiotic treatment options for highly drug-resistant bacterial infections. This includes broad spectrum activity against multiple drug-resistant ESKAPE strains relevant to human health.

Investment or collaboration opportunities

UniQuest is seeking partners or investors to develop one or more of these technologies to address the urgent threat of antibiotic-resistant microbial infections.

Intellectual property rights

Patents have been filed.


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Director, Commercial Engagement - Life Sciences
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