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3D printed cardiovascular components

QUT bluebox has developed technology to 3D print diseased heart valve and vascular tissue replacements to patient specifications and fully mimic the properties of normal vascular tissue.

Unique selling point/competitive advantage

The 3D printed components have anisotropic and elastic properties identical to normal vascular tissue. The specific microstructure and layer arrangement of the printed structures allow the printed components to fully mimic the tissue they are replacing. This avoids the replacement, degeneration and thrombogenic issues of competing technologies.

Investment or collaboration opportunities

QUT bluebox is looking for an industry partner to assist with preclinical testing of the technology, regulatory planning and licensing to launch the technology into clinical application.

Intellectual property rights

QUT has filed 2 provisional patents that cover novel aspects of the melt electrospinning process and the structures produced.


Andrew Leech
General Manager, Commercial Operations

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