PlasProtecT® whole parasite malaria vaccine

PlasProtecT® is a chemically attenuated, whole parasite, blood stage malaria vaccine candidate.

Unique selling point/competitive advantage

PlasProtecT® has a demonstrated ability to elicit cross-strain and cross-species protective immune response in rodent models. It has also been demonstrated to be immunogeneic in first-in-man clinical studies.

As a whole parasite malaria vaccine, PlasProtecT® has the potential to address the lack of cross-strain protection associated with sub-unit vaccines. A human challenge model has also been developed at Griffith University.

Investment or collaboration opportunities

Griffith University is seeking partners to co-develop or sponsor clinical development of PlasProtecT®. Contact Griffith University to discuss your interest in exclusive licensing and co-development opportunities.

Intellectual property rights

Patent application under Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) has been filed.


Dr Chris Davis
General Manager, Institute for Glycomics
Phone: +61 7 5552 7033

More information

Visit Griffith University's Institute for Glycomics for more information.

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